Blind Souls v1.0 - PLAZA

Blind Souls Game Free Download Torrent
Blind Souls is a first-person adventure game in which you are trying to uncover the mystery of the death of a medieval artist. In Blind Souls you trace the mysterious events and help her soul to finish the pictures that she always wanted to paint, but could not do so because of her death. See the world through the eyes of a dead artist. Find canvases at your own pace and customize your mood and vision to these canvases. A large variety of locations, joyful and relaxing atmosphere. Professional voice narration, emotional and poetic story. No puzzle solution, free roaming form. Soothing ambient music.

We Happy Few They Came from Below - CODEX

We Happy Few They Came from Below Game Free Download Torrent
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Even before the release of We Happy Few, the developers from the Compulsion Games studio spoke about their far-reaching game plans, seasonal passes, as many as three additions. No one knew that the terrible technical condition of the game would put an end to them in the future, and the players who bought the season pass would be at a loss. Already, you can finish wondering, as part of PAX East Gearbox announced that the first batch of storyline additions for We Happy Few will be released next week, announcing Roger & James in Came Camel Below. Could even trailer accompany the news, but alas. According to the plot of the add-on, favorite fan Roger and James should find out more about the causes of the uprising of robots and put an end to it.

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Death Mark v04.04.2019 - DARKSiDERS

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Death Mark is an adventure horror game, complete with visual novel elements. Behind the game is the Studio Experience. The story begins in the city of X-City in the suburbs of Tokyo. According to urban legend, people whose bodies are called signs, die under mysterious circumstances, according to some, this is the result of a curse or an encounter with the spirit. In the course of the game, we play the role of a person affected by amnesia, who also underwent this sign. In search of salvation, the hero finds himself in the gloomy residence of the Kujo Mansion, where he meets not only Meriya, a doll speaking in a human voice, but also other people who have a mysterious sign. He can choose one companion or companion to explore the secrets hidden in a dark house and solve the riddle of the sign before it is too late.

Metro Last Light Redux v1.0.0.3 (Update 7) - GOG

Metro Last Light Redux Game Free Download Torrent
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Metro Last Light Redux is a modified and the best graphics version of the game, which received a lot of innovations, including gameplay, and moved to a modified 4A Engine graphics engine. And at once it would be worth noting the fact that this time you will find even more content, more mutants and monsters, more colorful characters and missions, as well as advanced graphics, transferring the atmosphere of the game to a new level. Although in essence it is still the same first-person shooter with a mix of tactics, horror and stealth. Incidentally, this edition plus to the original game also includes all previously released content, thanks to which at least 10 hours of playing time have been added to the game in single player mode.

Metro 2033 Redux v1.0.0.3 (Update 7) - GOG

Metro 2033 Redux Game Free Download Torrent
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Metro 2033 Redux is the most complete and perfect edition of the shooter, once loved by many. Waiting for you all the same story, but with improved graphics, reworked textures, a sea of innovations, and updated visual design of all, without exception. The plot of the game still revolves around a guy named Artem, who grew up underground. Previously, the hero has never gone outside and did not see the outside world, but fate is unpredictable and sometimes presents incredible surprises. Now, together with Artyom, you will have to go to the depths of the Moscow metro, find underground cities of people who survived the apocalypse, meet a huge number of characters, including friends, enemies and not only, and shoot the souls of monsters in the depths of the subway.

Snakebird Primer v1.0

Snakebird Primer Game Free Download Torrent
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Snakebird Primer is a puzzle-style game with bright colors in graphics, nice animation and dynamic gameplay. You will take over the management of various species of birds to feed them and make them as long as possible. It would seem that this task is as simple as possible, but by going to work you will understand that complexity is included in the gameplay. Your birds go on an exciting adventure through the colorful world in order to eat all the fruits and grow to unreal sizes.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Remastered v1.0.9 + 7 DLC - PLAZA

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Remastered Game Free Download Torrent
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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Remastered is a first-person shooter with a mix of role-playing elements in which you will have to go to Pandora’s Moon and witness the formation of Hyperion and Handsome Jack. And first of all it would be worthwhile to say that the plot of the game affects the events that took place between the first and second part of the games of the same name. You are surrounded by four more heroes go to the moon of Pandora and witness how Handsome Jack turns from the usual programmer John into a tyrant and a bloodthirsty killer. By the way, at your disposal will be four characters: a girl named Athena, Zhelezyaka, Wilhelm and Nisha.

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Port Valley v1.5.3 (upd.04.04.2019)

Port Valley Game Free Download Torrent
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Port Valley is a fun, interesting, unusual pixel adventure game in the style of the «point and click» genre, in which you have to live a whole day in the role of a not-too-lucky food delivery boy. The plot revolves around a boy who works as a food vendor. He continually takes food for days on end, but the trouble is that the moped suddenly broke and now he has to go a long way to the client on foot, or he can repair the moped and go on the road. In general, you have to choose here. But remember, your every decision, your every action and the sequence of your movements will cause the plot to change a little.

For The King v1.0.10.9910 (upd.04.04.2019) Into The Deep - CODEX

For The King Game Free Download Torrent
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For The King — this turn-based RPG strategy with elements of Roguelike, in which you will lead a group of soldiers and save the kingdom from destruction. The king is dead, and once the beautiful kingdom of Fahrul is mired in violence. The Queen is praying for help, and only the bravest responded and are ready to sacrifice lives to save the kingdom. Each new game is a random generation of the world, quests and events. Go on an amazing journey and try to end the chaos and save the kingdom.

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Stellaris MegaCorp v2.2.7 - CODEX

Stellaris MegaCorp Game Free Download Torrent
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Stellaris MegaCorp — a new addition to the global space strategy Stellaris from the Paradox Development studio called MegaCorp. It will focus on the economic component. You have to stand at the head of a powerful corporate empire, striving to spread its trade networks as far as possible. Addition MegaCorp will offer a new approach to business management on a galactic scale, combining shopping areas and planet cities with virtuoso solutions to support citizens and the fund of labor. Supplement for the global space strategy of Stellaris, which will allow players to become the head of a huge corporation, seeking to spread their trading networks as far as possible.

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