Ymir v0.1.1.0

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Ymir is a multiplayer strategy where you can have a great time in the company of your friends with up to four players in a team. Also, the game positions itself as a city planning simulator, where you will be engaged in the development of a settlement and will control all aspects of activity. Your main inhabitants will be people with the appearance of pigs. The game will send you first to the Stone Age, where you can develop your own civilization through dozens of years. Of the features, one can note not only a good visual performance, but also the presence of a randomly generated world at each stage.

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StarMade v0.201.373 - SKIDROW

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StarMade game is made in the now popular voxel graphics, and the world itself is limitless and consists of well-known blocks, from which you can create almost anything you want, ranging from small spacecraft to huge space stations. The world in the game is randomly generated, planets are created with their unique climate and resources. To create a good ship, the player will have to spend a lot of time and also earn good money to acquire the necessary resources. Block by block, you will create the ship of your dreams. For a start, you can create something simple and just plow the endless expanses of the universe in search of precious resources, and when you decide, you can even try to create your own space station. StarMade also includes a multiplayer game in which you can join factions, trade and even fight.

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Reigns Game of Thrones Build 20190414 (The West and The Wall) - PLAZA

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Reigns Game of Thrones is a dynamic adventure game, which is a kind of spiritual heir to the world famous series called «Game of Thrones». Here you can take control of any of your favorite characters. So, for example, sit down at the throne and begin to rule the kingdom, taking control of all aspects of its activities. You can choose the kingdom, which you will manage, and accordingly what role you will also have to play. It is also possible to manage several states at once, successively switching between them, solving emerging issues and problems.

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Viscera Cleanup Detail The Vulcan Affair v1.135 - CODEX

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Viscera Cleanup Detail The Vulcan Affair — you can list epic shooters for a long time, where the main character leaves behind only some bits from his opponents. All is well, the villains are defeated, and the world can sleep peacefully again. But have you ever wondered who removes the bloody mess after these epic battles? The game Viscera Cleanup Detail will allow you to plunge into the daily life of a special cleaner, who cleans up places after epic and bloody battles. You are waiting for a variety of places for cleaning, to bring a place in a decent condition is not so easy, especially when there are remains of once great villains under your feet. Take a mop, a bucket of water and off to the adventure! It is not strange, but such cleaning can be very fun and interesting.

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Forebearers v1.0 (Build 269) - PLAZA

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Forebearers — game project which is an excellent representative of the genre of the simulator, where you have to go on a long journey through the vast world. Your responsibilities will include the construction of the city, which you must develop in every way. He will cope with a similar task and is so difficult, and in addition you will be disturbed by various supporters of evil. Here you will fight for your life and for the life of your city, using a variety of methods. You will assume the role of the head of a small tribe, which, as you progress, will also develop. The story tells that the inhabitants of some lands had to leave their home, and now they are looking for the most safe haven. You will develop and build a new settlement from scratch, taking control of all aspects of the activity.

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HEVN v1.1.0.6 - CODEX

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Adventurous indie project HEVN — will allow gamers to go on an exciting space journey, reaching a huge asteroid. Here, the storyline of the game begins to unfold dynamically. The gamer will be in the distant future. There came the year 2128, which brought new trials to mankind, forcing by all means to fight for their own existence on a superheated, overpopulated Earth. Practically completely destroyed technologies, scanty remnants of the most valuable resources make people urgently seek a new habitat.

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TSIOQUE v1.2.0 (upd.14.04.2019) - PLAZA

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TSIOQUE is an extremely interesting computer adventure in the open spaces of which you will undergo quite complex, but equally interesting tasks, which will be difficult to cope with at the same time, but you will get great pleasure from the realization that you have coped with this task yourself and not even climbed to answer the Internet. But the developers have relied not even on this, but on interesting characters with whom you just have to get acquainted, because this is the way you will be able to complete this game, because it is strongly tied to the dialogues and finding the right items. As the main character stands a young lady who is hiding in the expanses of an abandoned castle.

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