Universe Sandbox 2 Update 22.3 - SKIDROW

Universe Sandbox 2 Game Free Download Torrent
Universe Sandbox 2 is an attempt to create a simulator-sandbox of our solar system. You can feel like a god, you can push the Moon to the Earth and watch what is happening. Change the orbits of planets, increase their rotational speeds, change the climate, the inclination of the axis, and so on. Each change leads to interesting consequences, which is of great interest. In fact, the game Universe Sandbox 2 can be an excellent educational tool. After all, you can clearly see the characteristics of the planets of our solar system, and also be able to change various parameters and see how they affect the planet. In addition to the planets, the game has thousands of unique asteroids, meteorites and comets, which you can easily collide with planets.

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Unruly Heroes v20190531 - CODEX

Unruly Heroes Game Free Download Torrent
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Unruly Heroes — the harmony of our world has been broken. The magic scroll, which kept balance, was torn into several pieces and scattered across the most remote corners. Without this manuscript, our universe was threatened: all creatures literally went crazy and plunged into chaos. In the game Unruly Heroes you have to collect all the parts of the balance spell and use it to break the spell. This spell turns good animals into evil and terrible monsters who attack at the slightest approximation. In the process of searching, you will have to face these creatures and try to destroy them if they do not leave the road.

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RimWorld v1.0.2282 (upd.31.05.2019) - SiMPLEX

RimWorld Game Free Download Torrent
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RimWorld — a game that tells you a story that happened in the vastness of the vast outer space. The fact is that your main character will be part of a small group of colonists who were wrecked on a completely unknown planet. Now you have a huge responsibility for your life and the salvation of your team. You must make every effort to create a prosperous civilization, gradually exterminating all enemy force. Manage the colonists, you will be using orders that they will execute. So, by following the work and controlling the process, you will be able to succeed in your hard work.

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Katana ZERO v1.0.4 - DARKZER0

Katana ZERO Game Free Download Torrent
Katana ZERO — an extraordinary and dynamic action-platformer, where you have a lot and often to say goodbye to your own life. You will go to the sinister world, which has prepared for you not a few trials. In your arsenal will be a rich selection of weapons that will allow in two accounts to fight all those who dare to be on your way. You can cut all unceasingly, while trying to shorten from the insane retaliatory strikes of the enemy. Moreover, after choosing the main character, you can gain powerful power and even manage time.

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Jalopy v1.105 - SiMPLEX

Jalopy Game Free Download Torrent
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We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the new project, which is still at an early stage of development, but already has a good atmosphere and an interesting idea. The game Jalopy — is an adventure game with a bias on realistic driving. The game takes place in Europe in the 1990's, respectively, the car you have the same years and at the same time not the best condition. Initially, you are given tasks (bring, serve, collect and execute). Since the game is still at an early stage, it’s difficult to judge the project, but I think with subsequent versions the project will take shape. In the meantime, we perform the tasks and try the mechanics of the game.

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Rise of Liberty v31.05.2019 - SKIDROW

Rise of Liberty Game Free Download Torrent
Rise of Liberty is a kind of ravenfield game that has become incredibly popular. But the action takes place at the time of the musket and after each shot you will have a long recharge. Each shot is worth its weight in gold, so take a good look! In addition to self-tuning battle, you are waiting for historical battles. Stand in a row with your soldiers and go into battle. This is a kind of popular game «Ravenfield», only you will fight with the help of a musket and a sword. The game is still at a fairly early development stage, which is why it is free.

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Forgotton Anne v20190531 Collectors Edition - PLAZA

Forgotton Anne Game Free Download Torrent
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Forgotton Anne — cinematic platformer, reminiscent of its style of cartoons Hayao Miyazaki, from indie studio ThroughLine Games. The game tells the story of the girl Anne, who, along with his familiar Bonk follows the order in a parallel world — Forgotten Realm. In this dimension, where all lost objects disappear, a riot occurs. The main character needs to restore order in order to return home. Gameplay game is a platformer with elements of the quest and adventure. In addition to the classic platformer mechanic, Ann has the ability to «animate» inanimate objects. On this feature, most of the puzzles are built. It should be noted a remarkable drawing visual style and orchestral music of the game.

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Ancestors Legacy Build 63724 - CODEX

Ancestors Legacy Game Free Download Torrent
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Ancestors Legacy — real-time strategy about medieval Europe from the creators of the controversial ekshena Hatred. In Ancestors, you will be able to lead one of four playable factions: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans or Slavs. Your task will not only be the looting of the rivals' camps, but also the provision of thoughtful tactical superiority with the use of the mechanic of shelters, experience and morality. The game combines the classic for the genre of resource management and the mechanics of building bases with large-scale real-time battles based on the management of detachments. The visual quality of the battles is provided by the engine Unreal Engine 4.

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Ancestors Legacy Saladins Conquest Build 63724 - CODEX

Ancestors Legacy Saladins Conquest Game Free Download Torrent
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In game Ancestors Legacy real-time strategy you has received a new addition to Saladin’s Conquest. Players waiting for the campaign, inspired by real events in the Middle East in the XII century. The era of the Crusades will transfer gamers from medieval Europe to the desert lands, where they will lead the Saracen army. Supplement contains five story missions and three new maps for multiplayer battles.

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Heroine of the Sniper

Heroine of the Sniper Game Free Download Torrent
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Heroine of the Sniper is a fascinating shooter with a touch of Japan, where you are now a famous sniper and kill opponents to Japanese music. In this version it is possible to play only in single mode, because a license is required to connect friends. In the middle of the screen is a sight, the view from the first person, it is very convenient to find enemies in the territory. Fifteen different tasks will be available. As opponents and targets, there will be cars, flying drones, trains, and more.