Another Sight Definitive Edition Update 1 - PLAZA

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Another Sight Definitive Edition is a fantasy adventure game in which elements of a strimpunk have also taken their place. Here you, in the role of the protagonist, will go to the recent past, namely, in 1899, when the end of the Victorian era fell on this period. The storyline will introduce you immediately to the two main characters, whose life will depend entirely on you and on the decisions you made regarding this or that situation. The main characters are presented to us in the form of a brave and fearless girl of eighteen, and her red representative of cat family.

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Tennis World Tour Roland Garros Edition v29.05.2019 - SKIDROW

Tennis World Tour Game Free Download Torrent

Tennis World Tour — one of the best of its kind representatives of the genre of sports simulator, where you have to take up the life of a real tennis player, and go along with him quite a difficult path through the career ladder. You will have the opportunity to play for the best champions of the world, who only saw the light. Moreover, the game will get a difference not only game modes, but also locations where you will show all your talents and skills. Also, in your arsenal there will be a variety of strikes and techniques that you will be able to learn in the process of achieving the goal.

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Scythe Invaders from Afar - PLAZA

Scythe Invaders from Afar Game Free Download Torrent
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We present to you Scythe Invaders from Afar addition DLC to the wonderful game Scythe, which blew up the desktop world, having won many prestigious awards and soared to the top of the rating according to the board portal BoardGameGeek. The new addition introduces two new factions of Albion, led by the Scottish connor and the shogunate Togawa, led by the samurai Akiro. Each faction received a leader, a clan tablet, the necessary chips, tokens, as well as 4 unique robot furs. In addition, you will find new cards for solo games.

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Scythe Digital Edition v1.5.24 + Invaders from Afar - PLAZA

Scythe Digital Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Scythe Digital Edition is a digital version of the board game Sickle, the events of which unfold in an alternative universe of the 20th century, coined by the artist Jakub Rosalski. Players will have to take control of one of several countries, and lead it to victory. In the same universe unfolds and the events of the game Iron Harvest, which is not just a transfer of the board game to the screens of monitors, but a full RTS in this setting. You have to choose one of the available countries and lead it to world domination.

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