Clone Drone in the Danger Zone v0.14.0.110

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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is an interesting and rather unusual fighting game in which players are invited to pick up a sword and go inside the body of a robot to the arena in order to declare war to all other robots there. in fact, the game does not offer anything fundamentally new, but it is not a clone of any other. Here you are an ordinary drone with a lightsaber in his hand. All you have to do is defeat the rest of the drones in the arena. But it is not so easy. Not only do all the drones possess unique skills, the arenas themselves are quite dangerous.

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BeamNG Drive v0.16.0.2 - DEVO

BeamNG Drive Game Free Download Torrent
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Computer game is sometimes referred to as simulators of soft bodies. Ask — how is it? Everything is very simple. The main focus of the game product is the damage to the body of the car. At the heart of this game is a game product, quite similar to ours, presented on the site, with the game Rigs Of Rods. It’s only in the new game that physics and graphics are more visible. You are offered the opportunity to test cars, driving them on special tracks, to find out what will remain of them at the end of the races. Or, for more interest, add your car, do some modeling of the route, using a special editor for this. Also, you will have many settings that will give you almost limitless possibilities in this matter.

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Fade to Silence upd.10.05.2019 + Hotfix 5 - RELOADED

Fade to Silence Game Free Download Torrent
A role-playing game with elements of survival, in which you will have to confront not only eerie monsters and ubiquitous hunger, but also hostile nature. Fade to Silence events unfold in the post-apocalyptic setting, to the formation of which led to a global catastrophe. The main character of Ash has to constantly fight the cold, but the main danger is a snowstorm that will lead to your death if it takes you by surprise. You will have to explore the snow-capped wastelands, travel on wolfskin harnesses, take complex moral decisions, fight with monsters that inhabit the post-apocalyptic landscape and, most importantly, try to survive.

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World War Z v1.06 - RePack

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World War Z — a cooperative shooter with an emphasis on survival, the plot of which is based on the eponymous filmtape 2013 release. In the game, the action takes place from a third person, and the gameplay resembles Left 4 Dead. The game was created by Saber Interactive, which consists half of Russian employees, so that this project can be partially positioned as domestic. In the War of the Worlds Zet you have to go through several unique tasks and survive in the conditions of a zombie apocalypse. You will visit New York, Moscow, Jerusalem and other cities. In the game you can use various weapons, traps, barriers and elements of the environment. Your enemies will be hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, which, at the sight of a living person, run rather quickly.

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BOSSGARD v10.05.2019

BOSSGARD Game Free Download Torrent
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Want to play for the big bad guy, Cool to be the boss. The truth is extremely difficult in the game universe of heroes. The fate of the bosses to die from cool characters, but what if you succeed in becoming the boss who nakostylaet pompous heroes. In the new game BOSSGARD everyone will be able to try himself as a big and extremely ridiculous boss. Your task is to defeat all the heroes who want to get the next dose of glory at your death. BOSSGARD is a multiplayer game. There is a local mode game in which one player plays for the boss, and the other up to 5 players for the heroes. The main task in this game is to survive.

Pax Nova v0.5.1

Pax Nova Game Free Download Torrent
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​Pax Nova is a sci-fi strategy game with step-by-step gameplay whose actions take place in the future. Environmental problems of the Earth led to devastating wars. The planet has become almost uninhabitable. It was then that people received a signal from far space and were able to move to a new planet, Eos. People have a new chance to correct their mistakes and build a prosperous civilization. This is what you will do in the game Pax Nova. Lead one of several factions consisting of three different races. Explore space, make alliances, fight and make key decisions affecting the storyline.​

Epitasis v1.03 + HotFIX - RELOADED

Epitasis Game Free Download Torrent
Epitasis is an adventure puzzle game implemented in the fascinating science fiction genre. Take an unforgettable journey through an unfamiliar world where you will meet friends or enemies, as well as dizzying adventures. Your hero randomly finds an ancient portal through which penetrates into an unfamiliar world. Unfortunately, a global cataclysm occurred here, as a result of which only ruins remained in place of a prosperous civilization. You have to find out what really happened to this planet and whether it is possible to prevent a catastrophe by turning back the clock. Go and explore nearby areas for any available information.

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Clocker v1.1.1 (upd.10.05.2019)

Clocker Game Free Download Torrent
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Clocker is a very unusual puzzle game in which you have to curb time and understand how much everything could change if any act and any event could be unscrewed and changed. But in fact, despite the fact that the game itself is positioned by developers as a puzzle, it is not so — yes, there are a lot of puzzles here, but there are much more psychological quest manifestations in this game. You will have to not only solve puzzles, but also perform various actions, each of which will later have consequences. And you will need to feel the complexity of the relationship between father and daughter. In general, the psychological background is evident.

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Life is Hard v08.05.2019

Life is Hard Game Free Download Torrent
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Life is Hard an interesting urban planning simulator in which players are invited to lead a small settlement and grow it to the size of a city. You will have to survive, extract resources, monitor the settlers, and most importantly, do everything to ensure that the settlement grows. In general, everything is pretty simple. Your main goal and objective is to create a settlement that could grow over time, develop and survive in harsh conditions. You will have to start from a small village in which only four settlers will live, and eventually turn it into a real city, with markets, elegant architectural masterpieces, walls and everything that should be in a normal city.

Mashinky Build 20190507 - ALI213

Mashinky Game Free Download Torrent
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Mashinky is a brand new transport strategy game from Czech developer Jan Zeleny. Zooming through gorgeous landscapes, utilising a traditional isometric construction mode and mastering a unique board game-like gameplay, you'll find yourself immersed in the task of building your own transport empire. The goal is to create your own transport empire on a procedurally generated map. The game is a unique blend of realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode and boardgame-like rules. Players start the game in control of a transport company. They must lay tracks on difficult terrain, research and buy new vehicles, manage routes and compete against economic rules to make as much profit as possible by transporting passengers and various cargos. This makes for a challenging simulation game requiring the player to consider all elements of business to be successful.

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