Sand A Superfluous Game v0.3.2

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Sand A Superfluous Game is an RPG game with elements of survival, where the world is open to conquest and exploration. The external component of the game is unremarkable, but this only complements the overall atmosphere, making it completely unique. There are plenty of opportunities for the user and dynamic gameplay, with which you definitely will not be bored. Before you open our huge planet, but in the future. The future will not be the most pleasant, since the surface of the Earth has become a real ruin field of the fall of an asteroid. Most of our vast planet has said goodbye to life and only a few managed to survive.

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NITE Team 4 v1.0.9

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NITE Team 4 is an explosive mixture of simulator and strategy, where you have to assume the role of a professional hacker and associate yourself with matters of national importance. You will become a real agent who serves in an elite unit and on whom a mass of responsible missions are assigned to carry out. In your arsenal there is a special terminal, with the help of which you will be able to help your wards cope with this or that situation. You will be given secret assignments, which are not so easy to perform. Develop your professional skills to increase your chances of winning. You also have to fight with countless rivals, using your combat arsenal and, in many cases, going for a trick.

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Jon Shafers At the Gates v1.1 (upd.01.06.2019)

Jon Shafers At the Gates Game Free Download Torrent
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Jon Shafers At the Gates — 4X-strategy, in which players will fall during the decline of the Roman Empire. Seasons and weather will dramatically transform the landscape around you. The river, which once served as a barrier in the summer, can be an approach in the winter — both for you and for your enemies. Each of your clans has unique traits and needs. Beautiful watercolor landscape. Revolutionary user interface, which first used the «tooltips», which greatly facilitates the learning process without compromising the depth of the gameplay.

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Blackout Update v20190531 - PLAZA

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Blackout is a single player game with elements of horror and survival under special danger. Adventure game was inspired by horror movies that inspire fear. This is a completely new, really terrifying game with high quality. Now it’s time to experience endless stress. Exceptional 3D graphics, realistic simulation and terrifying sound scare you away from your pants. You will play for Eric, who will lead this game. One rainy day, he goes in search of his wife, who has disappeared. You will wander around the house, which is darkened.

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