Life is Hard v2019.06.02

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Life is Hard is an interesting urban planning simulator in which players are invited to lead a small settlement and grow it to the size of a city. You will have to survive, extract resources, monitor the settlers, and most importantly, do everything to ensure that the settlement grows. In general, everything is pretty simple. Your main goal and objective is to create a settlement that could grow over time, develop and survive in harsh conditions. You will have to start from a small village in which only four settlers will live, and eventually turn it into a real city, with markets, elegant architectural masterpieces, walls and everything that should be in a normal city.
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Generals and Rulers v02.06.2019 - TiNYiSO

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Generals and Rulers is a strategy game. The features of this game are the following: strategy, history, medieval, turn-based, war, tactics, military actions and others. For a start, this game does not weigh much and will go on all PCs. When we start the game we are offered training. After completing the training, we begin our game. Click to start the game and we are given to choose Europe 1207, Asia 1207, World 1207.
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Equilinox v1.7.0b (upd.02.06.2019) - 3DM

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Equilinox is a sandbox game where you will be able to independently develop your ecosystem from beginning to end. Ecosystems will be mass, and each can be unique in its performance, inhabiting different types of animals and plants. To make the land more fertile, you need to plant as many plants as possible on them. The more animals live in your system, the more extra points you will have. For these points you will be able to transform various useful items that will help you cope with the task easier.

This game has been updated 2-06-2019, 07:51 to the latest version v1.7.0b (upd.02.06.2019).

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Signs of Life v0.14.4 - SKIDROW

Signs of Life Game Free Download Torrent
Signs of Life — a science fiction game with simple graphics and an open world. The next global war led to the death of our planet. The earth is no longer fit for life and humanity has only one chance — to find a new home! Under the leadership of the United Nations, two spacecraft were created: Hephaestus — the main ship for overcoming enormous distances and Hermes — a fast and small reconnaissance ship.

This game has been updated 2-06-2019, 06:36 to the latest version v0.14.4.

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Busy Spider - SKIDROW

Busy Spider Game Free Download Torrent
Busy Spider you, as the main character of the game, must resist the enemies and the influx of attacks. You have to in this adventure game from the developer yousoi, protect your territory. Do not miss the moment, start the attack first and defeat the enemy. A fascinating 3D game where you play the role of a spider, which has a scale of health and energy, control the indicators in order to effectively fight. Wisdom and courage fierce battle, use the terrain, use tactics, hide in the jungle, defeat enemies and achieve the fruits of victory.
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