Cities Skylines Campus v1.12.1-f2 - CODEX

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Cities Skylines Campus — the name of the game speaks for itself, finally a higher education will finally come to our citizens. Players will be allowed to build universities and student campuses, choose a specialization of educational institutions and develop various kinds of sports in them. To make the study process full-fledged, the year for campuses will be divided into semesters. Their inhabitants will receive grants for their academic projects — and successful work can be exhibited in the museum. And their implementation will enhance the reputation of the campus, which will attract more students to it and unlock new buildings.

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Heidelberg 1693 v1.2

Heidelberg 1693 Game Free Download Torrent
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A two-dimensional adventure action game — Heidelberg 1693, which takes place in the 17th century during the reign of Louis XIV. You play as a musketeer, whose task is to stop the «moon king» — the illegitimate relative of Louis. The moon king began to practice black magic and necromancy in his domain. So he gathered a strong army of the undead. Your task is to get to the Moon king and eliminate it.

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World War Z v1.10 - RePack

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World War Z — a cooperative shooter with an emphasis on survival, the plot of which is based on the eponymous filmtape 2013 release. In the game, the action takes place from a third person, and the gameplay resembles Left 4 Dead. The game was created by Saber Interactive, which consists half of Russian employees, so that this project can be partially positioned as domestic. In the War of the Worlds Zet you have to go through several unique tasks and survive in the conditions of a zombie apocalypse. You will visit New York, Moscow, Jerusalem and other cities. In the game you can use various weapons, traps, barriers and elements of the environment. Your enemies will be hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, which, at the sight of a living person, run rather quickly.

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Mist Hunter Build 20190602

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Mist Hunter is a new arena shooter with good music and cartoon graphics. The developers promise to add a lot of new modes, as well as an exciting campaign for a few hours. In general, the game is already looking good. The mechanics of the game is excellent, all this is fun music and endless waves of monsters. How long can you last? Rapid first-person shooter with a smooth system of movements and an arsenal of strange magical weapons.

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Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter - PLAZA

Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter Game Free Download Torrent
Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter is a shooter and action game developed by Meow Studios for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to fantasy stylistics, and you can highlight the features of the following action, adventure game, indie, casual game, simulator, meat, violence, arena, shooter and others. You will be available such game modes as for one player.
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Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition v04.06.2019 (iNTERNAL)

Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Ori and the Blind Forest is an unusual adventure with a stunning and deeply touching story where you will play the role of two fairy-tale characters. The game will be able to conquer any user from the very first seconds, since the graphics are executed at the highest level. Each scene and each location in this project was drawn by hand, which is very fascinating. Graphic execution is very pleasant, and the plot will shake anyone who goes into this masterpiece. The platformer turned out to be quite difficult for passing, because on the way you will find a lot of obstacles and rivals, as well as difficult events that will leave a trail for a long time.
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Iron Heart v04.06.2019 - PLAZA

Iron Heart Game Free Download Torrent
Iron Heart unreal cool, small game where crowds of invaders and your enemies, appear straight from the bowels of the earth, in order to take control of humanity. The atmosphere of the steampunk of the Victorian era prevails, which adds to the game a special charm and passion. Embark on a journey through the ice mines and fight in an abandoned underground city. Defend your base by placing towers in tactically advantageous positions and use special skills to defeat the soulless steel army.
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Cultist Simulator v2019.6.a.1 (Perpetual Edition) + The Dancer DLC

Cultist Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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Cultist Simulator is a card game with a grim Lovecraft theme. Actions take place in the 20s of the last century and are tied up on the theme of the occult. It is clear that by touching this sphere, you can not avoid various mystical phenomena. But this is what you need, because for the sake of power, beauty and a thirst for revenge, you can go to great lengths. You should not just conduct rituals and make offerings to the ancient gods, you should also ensure your privacy, because the police will not like what you are doing here. Gameplay is nothing more than dragging cards across the board in search of the right combinations. It probably sounds boring, but it’s not at all. The players are very positive about this card project, which undoubtedly has its own «twist» and is able to make you spend many hours playing the game.

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