Stellaris Ancient Relics v2.3.1 - HOODLUM

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Publishing Paradox Interactive presented a new plot addition to its science fiction strategy Stellaris. It is called Ancient Relics and will soon appear on Steam in versions for Windows and macOS. Additions DLC to Stellaris enrich the gaming environment with new content and features. To date, Stellaris has received three story DLC — Leviathans, Synthetic Dawn and Distant Stars. They talk respectively about ancient aliens, robots and extragalactic travels. Ancient Relics promises to bring an archaeological component to the global 4X-strategy.

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Pathologic 2 Update 5 - CODEX

Pathologic 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Pathologic 2 — this is a horror with elements of survival, which is a remake of a toy called «Mor». Here you will have to go to a harsh and rather gloomy world, becoming the only doctor who has at least some chance of saving people from the spreading Plague. A small steppe town covered by the plague epidemic. People die at every turn. At the same time, the crime rate is growing in the city, and the only doctor who lived here died at all. Now you have taken his place and must by all means stop the spread of the disease, find a cure.

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Nightwolf Survive the Megadome v1.0 (upd.12.06.2019)

Nightwolf Survive the Megadome Game Free Download Torrent
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The game Nightwolf Survive the Megadome is created with an eye on famous projects and even on the VHS of the 80s. As you already understood, the game was developed in the race genre, and the music and cool rogue-lite mechanics make it incredible. Your character is a member of the famous and demanded around the globe, the so-called bloody arena Megakupol, on it you will meet dangerous and nimble riders. So, you are a titan of our time, your car is your main weapon, and the road to fame is a race against death.

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SpaceEngine v0.990

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SpaceEngine the first thing that catches your eye is the real size of our universe. What are hundreds of billions of galaxies and hundreds of billions of stars in each of them? — just dry numbers in an astronomy textbook. But here, all this is felt in its own skin. And you begin to understand how our humanity, with all its petty problems and mouse wars, is insignificant in comparison with the magnitude and incomprehensibility of the Universe. No, we are not grains of sand, or even dust, we are nothing at all. And no one will even notice if our sun suddenly goes out tomorrow and another civilization will sink into oblivion, without leaving any heritage behind.

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Poly Universe v0.8.3.0 - SKIDROW

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In the new urban planning simulator Poly Universe you have to develop a colony on a tiny planet. Build houses, factories, and all the necessary institutions for your colony to flourish. Simple but beautiful graphics-animation is pleasing to the eye and allows you to fully concentrate on the construction. Periodically, alien invaders will attack your planet, so build defenses and be ready to fight for your home.

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Age of Fear The Undead King GOLD - SKIDROW

Age of Fear The Undead King GOLD Game Free Download Torrent

Age of Fear The Undead King GOLD — the result of seven years of work on the game. In the very process of a large amount of the latest content. First, in general, we add to the fun of the layer with the sandbox expanded map of society, holding these two campaigns. It took us a large number of periods in order to imagine procedurally generated battles and shopping centers, but the result is needed — according to our testers, this type of entertainment doubles the period.

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