Awaiting Salvation v1.0

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Awaiting Salvation is an unusual first-person adventure quest in which you will have to play the role of such a hero, who was given the task to save the whole village from a contagious disease. In the story you will play the role of a soldier who was assigned to go to a small village and find a way to save the locals. But they will not have to be saved from monsters or enemies, but from a disease, the cure for which has not yet been invented. At your disposal will be a potion, but it does not work and needs to be improved, what you actually need to do.

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Istrolid Alpha 0.50.7 - SKIDROW

Istrolid Game Free Download Torrent

Istrolid is a free space shooter with primitive graphics, but great features. The player gets the opportunity to create their own unique ship, and then go to hot battles against other players. Also for experience there is a single game that will teach you all the nuances of shipbuilding. You can create small and fast ships, and with the help of speed and good weapons to destroy the opponent. Or you can try to create bulky, indestructible flying fortresses.

This game has been updated 13-11-2019, 08:42 to the latest version Alpha 0.50.7.

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