Escape from Chernobyl v1.0

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Escape from Chernobyl — find yourself in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and uncover the sinister secrets that are there. At this time, your hero will go to the Chernobyl disaster zone, to find out the fate of Lauren and the beginning of the story, which led to sad consequences. Investigate the station complex reconstructed in the smallest details, starting from the destroyed reactor of the 4th block and ending with the far outskirts. You will have complete freedom of movement, examine every corner in search of weapons and equipment, without which it will not be possible to overcome difficult trials. You will attack the bloodthirsty dead and mutated monsters, which are the results of monstrous experiments. Enjoy high-quality graphics with a high degree of detail, a physical model, atmospheric music and an improved combat system.

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Chook and Sosig Walk the Plank v2.03b - GOG

Chook and Sosig Walk the Plank Game Free Download Torrent
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Chook and Sosig Walk the Plank is a fascinating colorful and rather unusual adventure based on point-and-click mechanics. You are waiting for interesting events, unusual characters and much more. In the story, you will have to lead a group of pirates who want to at any cost find ancient treasures hidden on one of the nearby islands. But this will be very difficult. First, you will have to perform various tasks, then look for key characters, and later at all to participate in unusual random events. In general, the path to the treasure will run through many hours of adventure. The most important advantage of this game lies in the unusual drawn style of the game's visual design. You will travel around the islands on a pirate ship, meet very strange and sometimes scary characters, talk to the beasts that inhabit this unusual fantasy world, solve numerous puzzles and guess riddles.

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