Mr Booms Firework Factory - PLAZA

Mr Booms Firework Factory Game Free Download Torrent

Mr Booms Firework Factory — simulator warehouse worker, where your task is to help Mr Booms, in his difficult work. The boxes must be moved extremely neatly from the point of their development to the exit, so as not to cause damage to the boxes themselves, within which the fireworks are. You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but as you work, you can become one. Move the fireworks boxes from the cars to the exit without destroying them. However, be careful, because in the fireworks factory there is nothing that seems to you. This fast-paced puzzle game contains many explosions and requires your full attention. We are not responsible for broken windows, the destruction of monitors or injury to people due to abandoned gamepads or overturned tables. Go through the many tasks of the factory to uncover the truth about the fireworks factory and your mysterious boss.

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SolSeraph v10.07.2019 - HOODLUM

SolSeraph Game Free Download Torrent

SolSeraph is a strategic game in which we play the role of Helios, the Knight of Dawn, whose task is to restore human civilization and protect it from the attacks of young gods, sending various threats to humanity. At first, chaos reigned, but thanks to Mother Earth and Heavenly Father, he managed to subdue him and replace him with the world he created. Thus arose the seas, lands, vegetation, animals and people. After completing their work, they said that they would give it all to the person and leave. However, other young gods in the world did not like man, especially since man, unlike them, was endowed with the ability to tell stories.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 v1.13 - CODEX

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 — a computer game, which is based on the eponymous Japanese work of the mid-nineties. Only thanks to him, you can experience what is happening in the same animated series on your own experience. Because earlier, you only had to watch what was happening during the numerous anime series. Also, as in the original narration, the action takes place on the open spaces of Toki Tori. An incredible tournament takes place here, which is not just an ordinary competition, but it is also a full-fledged tournament, where it is nevertheless dangerous to participate, because you can no longer leave on your own two. Therefore, to participate in it, you will not only have to download the torrent Dragon Ball Xenovers 2, but still be at least 16 years old.

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Blood Bowl Death Zone v10.07.2019 - SKIDROW

Blood Bowl Death Zone Game Free Download Torrent

Blood Bowl Death Zone — a game in the style of a kind of football simulator, where you will become a member of an exciting confrontation. There is no place for calmness, here you will create everything that you desire, doing real chaos. For a start, you will have the opportunity to choose the main character suitable for you, with whom you will go towards insanity and fascinating moments. Also, for your team you definitely need to choose a sponsor to take part in the most popular world championships.

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KLAUS v10.07.2019

KLAUS Game Free Download Torrent
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KLAUS is a dynamic adventure style game where you go to an unusual world to cope with the main mission. Here you will assume the role of the protagonist, who is sent to a multi-level dungeon to pass all the tests that it has prepared for you. The game has a good graphic performance, nice animation, dynamics in the gameplay, as well as a lot of exciting tasks that will not be so easy to perform. The storyline tells us about Klaus, who is on the heels of an office worker. He, by completely unknown circumstances, found himself in a gloomy basement, to get out of which now is his main task. To carry out such a mission, as it turned out, is not an easy task, therefore you should be well prepared for the upcoming events.

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Dungeon Of Dragon Knight v1.0 Build 100719 - HOODLUM

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight Game Free Download Torrent

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight is a very unusual role-playing game that tells about the events taking place in the fictional fantasy world. Moreover, the main unusualness of this game is that you will play from a first-person perspective, which is rare for strategies, especially step-by-step ones. In the story on the native castle of the protagonist attack the orcs. Nobody knows what rot they want and what made them suddenly attack people. It is only known that in the forest nearby there is a cave, into which you will now need to descend to defeat the Evil, which threatens to kill the whole world.

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The Hex v1.10 - SKIDROW

The Hex Game Free Download Torrent

The Hex is a new strategy-style game, executed on a card basis, which will help you cope with numerous opponents by performing those or other combinations. You are given a deck of over a thousand varieties of cards, where you can create your own, unique and winning combination. Here you will be able to fight with the strongest players around the world to prove to them your professionalism and power. Become part of the magical world, and then collect your deck of cards to use them in battles with enemies. You will be required to show strategic skills, dynamics in actions and dexterity in order to more effectively cope with the task. It is also possible to create your main character, defining it to one of the eight proposed races, as well as to one of the cutter classes.

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LEGO Worlds v20190709 + DLC - CODEX

LEGO Worlds Game Free Download Torrent
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LEGO Worlds is an attempt to create something like Mayncraft. You control one of the little LEGO men and you can explore and change the world around you. The surrounding world consists entirely of blocks of LEGO, from which you can create new objects, change the surrounding world, populate it with new creatures, etc. You can explore the world on a helicopter you created or even riding a gorilla. At the same time, the game is in Russian, so you can quickly figure out all the diversity of the world of LEGO, which is filled with various treasures, interesting subjects and gay secrets. Thanks to this, I want to explore every inch of the vast world.​​​

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Death end reQuest v20190709 - CODEX

Death end reQuest Game Free Download Torrent
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Death end reQuest — a new role-playing game from the company Compile Heart, which takes place in a virtual world filled with bugs. Players waiting for a journey between the game and the real worlds in search of a missing friend, as well as numerous endings. In addition, players can change the genre of the game at their discretion: from action to first-person shooter.

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