Clea v12.07.2019

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Gameplay Clea in general is based on the characteristics of the Quest genre, but it also uses other equally interesting mechanics. For example, stealth — you will move around the mansion as carefully as possible, and you will have to do everything possible in order not to meet with the servants of Chaos. We’ll have to listen to the steps, hide in closets and other places in the most dangerous moments, cheat, and specifically attract the attention of ministers to find out. where they are going or divert and do much more.

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NITE Team 4 v1.1.0

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NITE Team 4 is an explosive mixture of simulator and strategy, where you have to assume the role of a professional hacker and associate yourself with matters of national importance. You will become a real agent who serves in an elite unit and on whom a mass of responsible missions are assigned to carry out. In your arsenal there is a special terminal, with the help of which you will be able to help your wards cope with this or that situation. You will be given secret assignments, which are not so easy to perform. Develop your professional skills to increase your chances of winning. You also have to fight with countless rivals, using your combat arsenal and, in many cases, going for a trick.

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Monsters of Little Haven - DARKZER0

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Monsters of Little Haven is a game presented to the world in the style of an interactive novel, where the course of events will depend on your actions and decisions. The game will tell you an extraordinary story related to a teenage girl whose name is Little. The storyline will also introduce you to the two main characters in this story: a boy named Kenneth and his sister Esma. One day, the children were confronted with something completely inexplicable, because they got on the trail of a terrible monster. It is from this moment that your adventure begins.

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Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls v0.8.4.04 - SKIDROW

Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls Game Free Download Torrent

Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls — a sandbox on the conquest of outer space, where you will have complete freedom in actions and opportunities. You have a definite goal for accomplishment, and how you will achieve it depends only on the decisions you make. For a start, start building your own, functioning spacecraft, on which you will begin your activity. After the first item from the list is completed, go to study the vast expanses of the universe, where you will uncover secrets, find useful items and resources, and will not do without fabulous battles with rivals of varying degrees of difficulty. The combat system here is well thought out. Strips of life here just can not see. All that you have is a crew that, as a result of death, will pull you along and have to start all over again.

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