Minecraft v1.14.4

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A huge open world with a lot of opportunities and various interesting tasks awaits you in a popular game called Minecraft. Here you will meet interesting characters, and also you will be able to equip your own world. You start with the creation of a hero, and then you will be engaged in arranging your own home. Be very careful when building, because your house needs to be protected as much as possible.

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Voxel Tycoon v0.79 (Pre Alpha)

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Voxel Tycoon is an exciting strategy in which you have to build routes for trains, deliver resources, build infrastructure and do much more. And it should immediately be said that in this game there is no plot as such, and at the core of everything lies precisely the gameplay. And he, in turn, is based on the construction of the real infrastructure itself, the route network, thanks to which the goods must be delivered by all possible means to the necessary points of the local world.

This game has been updated 29-12-2019, 09:31 to the latest version v0.79 (Pre Alpha).

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Spy Tactics v1.1 - PLAZA

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Gameplay Spy Tactics is focused on logical thinking and solving logic puzzles. The hero is given the task, for example, to eliminate the criminal boss, and then he is sent to the location. At the location of the hero waiting for the guards, armed soldiers and traps, and he must overcome them, by all means. It happens as follows — the hero makes a move, after which all opponents on the map also make a move, moving in the programmed direction.

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60 Seconds Reatomized v1.0.377 - PLAZA

60 Seconds Reatomized Game Free Download Torrent
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60 Seconds Reatomized is a continuation of the story of the head of the family, who was forced to try to keep within 60 seconds in order to gather the necessary resources for his close ones and survive in a hostile environment. Each member of the family of the main character is in danger, and their further fate depends only on you. Can you meet in the allotted time — if not, then someone from your family members may die.

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Monster Prom Second Term v20190802 - PLAZA

Monster Prom Second Term Game Free Download Torrent
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Monster Prom Second Term — multiplayer game in the genre of the simulator, the process of which is based on the textual component. Here you have to become a real conqueror of women’s hearts, where you will go on various dates, thus finding more and more new acquaintances. The events of the game send you to an alternate reality, whose inhabitants are monsters with a human appearance. All of them are engaged in ordinary daily activities go to school, to work, start a family and so on. Here you can earn money for beautiful things to attract as many women as possible. You will play the role of a monster who is still a teenager.

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Night Call v1.0.7 (upd.05.08.2019) - Deluxe Edition - PLAZA

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Night Call is a fascinating detective quest in which you will have to do the real investigation. You are waiting for interesting personalities, a sea of mysteries and intrigues, thoughtful dialogues and not only. The game takes place in the open spaces of modern Paris, in which an unusual and very dangerous serial killer is operating. The police have long been hunting him, but so far he has not had a single lead. Well, you’re an ordinary taxi driver, who also happened to meet with a serial maniac, but you managed to survive.

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