Asdivine Menace - DARKSiDERS

Asdivine Menace Game Free Download Torrent
Asdivine Menace — an epic fantasy jRPG in the popular Asdivine universe, in which you embark on an exciting journey through the galaxy to save the universe from death. Centuries after the events of Asdivine Dio, peace came to the fairy kingdom. However, this lasted until the moment when a wanderer from another world appeared, declaring that soon the whole Universe would be destroyed. Hearing this, Isaiah, with a trio of charming companions, sets off on a journey through various worlds to prevent an impending catastrophe.
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The Unclearness v1.0 - HOODLUM

The Unclearness Game Free Download Torrent
The Unclearness — humanity will no longer be the same as before, the temperature on the earth has affected global warming, part of the soil has decreased by more than 10 times, which means that the government is no longer able to control people. By then, governments had completely lost the ability to control people through liberal methods, and as a result a military dictatorship was introduced to counter criminal syndicates.
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Gamer Career Tycoon v1.32 (upd.11.08.2019) - SiMPLEX

Gamer Career Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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Gamer Career Tycoon puts you in a dead end of a simple player trying to survive. You will manipulate your game addiction, work, recreational time and possible fame. Play games, stream for fans, compete with the best or just sit on the couch and relax, the choice is all yours. Be whoever wants with a system of symbols. From an experienced sight to a charismatic iron, you can choose from a variety of attributes and benefits to develop your own game style. The game in the background is allowed! Operating mode in the basement is ON! Is this even real life?

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Fate Hunters v1.03 Build 911

Fate Hunters Game Free Download Torrent
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Fate Hunters is a card strategy game project where you have to go to the mysterious tower and overcome the ancient evil that has spread across its floors, fight with numerous monsters and collect your unique deck of cards. According to the story in the tower, an ancient evil is devoured, devouring everything in its path, and you need to go to this tower and defeat it, clearing all levels of the tower, without exception, from all sorts of enemies, monsters, demons and not only. But do not be afraid of difficulties, because you will not be the only hero who went here. There will be other heroes with you, and each of them will definitely benefit you.

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Freeman Guerrilla Warfare v0.951 (upd.22.08.2019) - 3DM

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Game Free Download Torrent
3DM Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Freeman Guerrilla Warfare is a combination of seemingly completely incompatible genres. Before you FPS (first-person shooter) and strategy with elements of RPG. Fight on the battlefield, buy an army, run cities and earn money to destroy enemy factions. The game offers a completely new experience in the genre of FPS, giving the player an action in the first person, complemented by the strategy of managing the army in real time. Playing as an ordinary soldier, you will become the commander-in-chief and try to capture the whole world.

This game has been updated 22-08-2019, 04:03 to the latest version v0.951 (upd.22.08.2019).

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Wrongworld v1.4.4 (upd.11.08.2019)

Wrongworld Game Free Download Torrent
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Wrongworld is a humorous project for survival, a sandbox in which you will survive, playing for an unusual creature that players have already nicknamed as «little Chubaka» as a joke. In the story you are in the role of the main character suffered a crash and were forced to land on an uncharted planet. You have nothing, and you know absolutely nothing about the world around you, but nevertheless, by all means you need to survive. Explore the world around us, get resources, fight with local inhabitants, build a base, develop and just survive. But do not expect from this game realistic — here everything is arranged in such a way that the game itself is more like one big joke. One of these comic moments is the extraction of resources.

This game has been updated 11-08-2019, 15:08 to the latest version v1.4.4 (upd.11.08.2019).

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BallisticNG v1.1.2 - SKIDROW

BallisticNG Game Free Download Torrent
BallisticNG is a racing simulator game where you will become a participant of the world championship and make every effort to become a winner. Antigravitational aircraft appear at your disposal, which you will take control of in order to achieve your goal. The gameplay will send you to the future, namely in 2159, in which the racing tests drastically changed their format. The main goal of the game is to win, but it will be very difficult to achieve it, as the opponents in every way will prevent you from reaching the finish line. You will take on the role of a professional car pilot — a racing vessel whose work is completely independent of all the laws of gravity.

This game has been updated 11-08-2019, 14:58 to the latest version v1.1.2.

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Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor v0.7.3

Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor Game Free Download Torrent
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Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor — this game is dedicated to the construction of spaceships without any restrictions. Build a truly unique model that is able to explore the planets and fight off enemy drones. The project is interesting in a procedurally generated galaxy. It is formed every time the user decides to embark on the path of the conqueror of the universe from the very beginning. Then, having reached a planet with a valuable resource, a drone is planted on it. Its design depends only on the preferences of the gamer and can be assembled from more than 100 parts. The key to a successful mission is constant experimentation.
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Game Builder v07.08.2019

Game Builder Game Free Download Torrent
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In general, the gameplay of Game Builder is as follows — go to the level and begin to change it, using all the items that are at your disposal. But at your disposal there will be a lot of elements: trees, various cubic materials, brick walls, traps, living creatures, flying platforms and much, much more. And by the way, there is also a cooperative mode in which you can work on the same level with your friends.
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