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Outer Wilds is a game project developed in the adventure genre, where you will go to a fairly large and open world, endowed with bright colors and gloomy secrets. Here you have to conquer outer space as a rookie who serves in one of the space programs. The main task is to study the stellar system, which holds thousands of unsolved mysteries, which will not be so easy to uncover. The star system, on which you fall, consists entirely of numerous planets, on the study of each of which you need to recover.

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Beyond Two Souls Build 0607 (upd.12.08.2019)

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Beyond Two Souls is an interactive movie-style quest in which you will have to live the life of a girl named Jody who has unusual abilities. You are waiting for adventure, intrigue, puzzles, riddles and secrets, and much more. In the story you will play for a girl named Jody, who has paranormal abilities and is able to penetrate into the world of the dead. At the same time, the plot itself is served by patches, and all the time the player is transferred from one time segment to another. You will have to live in the role of a little girl Jody, then move into the puberty period of her life, then be in the government service and not only. But the most interesting thing is that the essence of the plot will not be revealed to you at the very beginning — the plot task is exactly the same to unravel the intrigue and deal with the plot with the help of the girl’s memories.

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Chasm v1.072 (upd.04.12.2019)

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Chasm — a beautiful action-RPG-platformer in the style of Metroidvania with procedurally-generated levels, where you will find yourself in the role of a young recruit, who was instructed to deal with the oddities that are happening in a remote mining town. In Chasm, players will assume the role of recruit of the army of the Kingdom of Guildan, who will demonstrate his knightly qualities. The hero decides to understand the oddities in the recently closed mine, which is of great importance for the country. He will find out that after the invasion of the ancient temple people began to disappear from the workers village. According to rumors, they are abducted by supernatural beings.

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1000 days to escape upd.10.08.2019

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Connoisseurs of space games will be able to participate in saving the planet in 1000 days to escape download torrent. Development is a simulator, which tells about life’s hardships. The game itself is about a global issue. Despite this, the creators of the arcade have not lost the ability to see the world through the prism of sarcasm. The World Security Summit is convening a congress to resolve matters of first importance. At stake are issues such as population growth and climate degradation. There is only enough air for 1000 days, so how do you restore the stability of the biosphere? Of course, to master space open spaces.

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WTF Game Free Download Torrent

The plot of PC game WTF — begins with a dialogue with the Devil in the desert — talking about politics, as it usually happens, such conversations come to a standstill, your opponent doesn’t hear, doesn’t want to take your side, as a result we understand that a heavy current will help him gun, grab it and start shooting. In general, there is nothing to add to the WTF game, you can download it for free with all the additions below, the main message is clear, there is a desert, there are some political figures of the past and present, we run, we kill them with different weapons, we try to survive ourselves, in general, the nonsense is actually but you can make fun of it.

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