Endless Space 2 Penumbra v1.4.21 - CODEX

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Endless Space 2 Penumbra — when it was created, the developers were inspired by the Cultists faction from Endless Legend. It turned out a race sharpened for real tall gameplay, suggesting intensive development in a small number of highly developed systems, which is already a kind of challenge. The main feature of The Umbral Choir — espionage is a high-tech observation of opponents and the use of hacking systems mechanics to obtain various advantages, quite different from the mechanics of espionage from Civilization that is outdated in space times.

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Never Give Up - PLAZA

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Never Give Up is a hardcore arcade platformer about the adventures of a stickman looking for himself. Break out of the testing area and embark on a difficult adventure. Fight insidious bosses and die again and again in search of your truth. Each new level will become more and more difficult, and traps are more dangerous.

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Tank Operations European Campaign upd.13.08.2019

Tank Operations European Campaign Game Free Download Torrent
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During the Cold War, the European theater of operations was considered as the most likely, because there was the highest probability of large-scale battles of the armies of the advanced states. We offer you to download Tank Operations European Campaign torrent from our website — the latest project considering a variant of the pan-European war and large-scale battles in Europe, in which all types of troops will take part, from motorized rifle units to aircraft carrier groups and nuclear missile carriers.

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Emberlight v1.0817 - HOODLUM

Emberlight Game Free Download Torrent

Emberlight — another game with elements of a bagel in which we have to go down deep below the lands of the once flourishing world, and the main character was endowed with a gift from the Gods, which simultaneously serves him and a curse. Now our character is wrinkling, because he is capable of much, but evil does not sleep, it is everywhere and trying to conquer the world, but first things first.

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Superhot Mind Control Delete v4.0.13 (upd.13.12.2019) - SKIDROW

Superhot Mind Control Delete Game Free Download Torrent

Superhot Mind Control Delete is a new project from the creators of the cult game SUPERHOT. Unlike the first part, the new creation contains a number of improvements that you will get to know during the passage. As in the first part, while you are not moving, time flows around you extremely slowly, this allows you to assess the situation and make the right decision. You can even watch the movement of the bullet, which undoubtedly creates the effect of «wow!» And allows you to feel like a superhero. Each new mission will become more and more difficult, however, at high levels you will also have to wait and good weapons.

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Crea v1.7.5 (upd.13.08.2019)

Crea Game Free Download Torrent
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The Crea game is somewhat similar to the popular Terraria game project, but there are a lot of interesting ideas in the game, an exciting pumping of characters, an unusual world with a lot of secrets and opportunities in terms of crafting. Crea is an RPG sandbox with an open world in which you can build, collect, create, fight and explore. The main feature of Crea is that the developers have tried to eliminate the main problem of RPG sandboxes, and all games in general.

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Long Gone Days v0.6.3

Long Gone Days Game Free Download Torrent
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Long Gone Days is an interesting adventure role-playing game in which you are waiting for adventures, an unusual storyline, a sea of action, dozens of difficult tasks and more. The events of the game take place in an unusual alternative world in which there is a certain country located deep underground. No one on the surface of the planet knows where it is. But that is not the point. The main thing is that in this country since childhood, each person is assigned a certain role with which he will have to live and cope in adulthood. One of these people was a guy named Rourke, who on the next assignment learns that all the slogans.

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Snowtopia Ski Resort Tycoon v0.6.1.2

Snowtopia Ski Resort Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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Snowtopia is a very interesting and unusual simulator, which is based on the creation of a real ski resort. Try yourself in this difficult task and create a really popular resort. As such, the plot in this game is not. There is only the essence, which consists in creating a full-fledged ski resort. But do not think that it will be easy — creating such a place is not an easy job, which is based on a variety of different processes, tasks, goals and not only. In general, something, but you definitely won’t be bored here.

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Eagle Island v1.0.8.4

Eagle Island Game Free Download Torrent
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Eagle island latest version and current included updates. Thanks to its gameplay in the style of falconry and procedurally generated worlds, Eagle Island is set to perfectly modernized aesthetics of pixel art and provides a breath of fresh air for the 2D platform genre. The game can be played in story, bagel or speedran modes. Discover the avian world of Eagle Island with Quill and his faithful companion, Koji. Explore lush forests, devious caves and uncover the ruins of long-lost civilizations on your way to confront the giant deity Armaura in a desperate attempt to save Ichiro from her claws.

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Tactics V Obsidian Brigade - DARKSiDERS

Tactics V Obsidian Brigade Game Free Download Torrent

Tactics V Obsidian Brigade — the developers did a tremendous amount of work on the game and created a truly beautiful, albeit retro-styled, world. Moreover, in this world you will find a huge number of locations, on each of which you will fight with various enemies. In total, you will find more than five dozen unique levels, and each one will have a different loot, battles, story missions, and much more.

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