Divinity Original Sin 2 v3.6.49.2201 - CODEX

Divinity Original Sin 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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The long-awaited continuation of the popular role-playing game was not long in coming, and so Divinity Original Sin 2 was born. Collect your own squad of heroes, go in search of adventure and try to become the real God. The battle for divinity and divine powers begins. You are in the role of the protagonist just the same and can also participate in it. Take control of an elf who eats the flesh of his own brethren, become a lizard or a dead man, who suddenly rose from the grave, and hit the road.

New update: Divinity Original Sin 2 v3.6.48.3268 → v3.6.49.2201 + DLC

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3rd eye - PLAZA

3rd eye Game Free Download Torrent

3rd eye — Use the third eye of the main character to explore a mental world that is completely unlike reality. But do not forget that the more you use it, the more it is filled with blood. Therefore, use eye drops and do not let the third eye completely redden. Players on PC will be able to take on the role of Koishi Komeigi and look for secrets of the mental world with the help of the third eye right now.

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The Long Return - SKIDROW

The Long Return Game Free Download Torrent

The Long Return — Watch an orphaned baby turn into an adult and restore your last trip with your mom. Solve unique and fun puzzles, explore lifelike landscapes and relive the memories of your mom. Free download The Long Return torrent is a beautiful and mysterious casual adventure of an orphaned cub who is trying to step by step restore his last trip with his mother. On your way, you will encounter unique and funny puzzles, explore magnificent landscapes full of life and relive the memories of your mother.

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Drone Tracks - SKIDROW

Drone Tracks Game Free Download Torrent

Drone Tracks is a racing game developed by Juicy Lab for the PC platform. The style in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and the following races can be distinguished features. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player and for multiple players. DroneTracks single-player and multi-user drone racing games are more focused on gamers interested in flying an unmanned drone than professional racers.

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Rise of Industry v1.4.0.0210a - CODEX

Rise of Industry Game Free Download Torrent
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If you like games like Factorio and Transport Tycoon, then you definitely should try download Rise of Industry torrent game for PC. Before you is a strategy-management simulator, in which you try to create an industrial empire. For all its complexity, the game is quite simple in mastering. Your task is to build factories and establish ways of supplying and trading with other cities. Under your supervision, the entire product creation cycle: build a factory, establish efficient supply routes, transport goods and establish trade. The state of the market is changeable, like the success of your competitors — be prepared for everything, be one step ahead.

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Everspace v1.3.5 - PLAZA

Everspace Game Free Download Torrent
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In EVERSPACE we use a more action-oriented approach to the basic gameplay of the space shooter, leading you on a difficult journey through a constantly changing but beautifully created universe full of surprises. Each race will be exciting, as you will have to face completely new situations. Your skills, experience and talent in improvisation will be constantly checked. Thus, we keep each part of the game long-term and generate a lot of separate significant points for you. The goal of the game can sound quite simple: to get to the destination. However, with each new attempt, you will face new challenges, because the paths to the destination and the obstacles that you must overcome change each time you play. When you run a run, the new path to the destination will be plotted, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run into the same script twice.

This game has been updated 2-10-2019, 14:27 to the latest version v1.3.5.

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Etherborn v1.0.2 - PLAZA

Etherborn Game Free Download Torrent
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Etherborn — being born into the world, you act as a baby whose future depends on the fate. Unknown voice awaiting arrival, which will soon lead to a coup. Starting to recover, to get acquainted with the environment, the game Etherborn for PC will give you a series of insane adventures and the opportunity to still be interested in what is happening. A world of unpredictable polo decisions, fanatical power and perseverance. Journey to unearthly stories is just beginning. The player is going through all the obstacles to try to get to the voice, only this will make it possible to realize that you are a living organism and strive to survive.

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Code Vein v1.01.86038 - CODEX

Code Vein Game Free Download Torrent
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The dark action-RPG of the Japanese studio Shift, known for the God Eater franchise. The story of Code Vein comes in the near future, when vampires with supernatural powers live on the ruins of our civilization. Bloodsuckers live together and try to discover the secrets of the post-apocalyptic world, as well as make sure that they do not turn into grotesque monsters due to lack of blood. In the game, special attention is paid to the search for smoothly connected places and the fight against various types of melee weapons. Blood sucking also plays an important role in the game, which is used to unlock new abilities, as well as a system that allows you.

This game has been updated 2-10-2019, 10:08 to the latest version v1.01.86038.

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Caves of Qud v2.0.195.2 - GOG

Caves of Qud Game Free Download Torrent
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Caves of Qud is a strategy with elements of a bagel, which clearly demonstrates that the game is not about graphics. Simple graphics more than compensate for the huge opportunities. In the Caves of Qud you will find a randomly generated open world with complete destructibility, as well as «live» characters, who together with you develop as you play. Explore a huge world, complete the quests found, look for valuable items, fight and pump various skills. Choose from over 70 different mutations with unique abilities. Go through the storyline, performing a variety of tasks. If you are not afraid of specific graphics, then be sure to try the game Caves of Qud.

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City Game Studio v0.25.3 (upd.02.10.2019)

City Game Studio Game Free Download Torrent
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City Game Studio will make you the real head of a company that develops computer games. Your hands will write the history of the development of the company, which will be based somewhere in a small garage. Further, when like-minded people who are ready for some time to work for an idea join you, you can get an office and work in a team. You have to start your game development path back in 1975.

This game has been updated 2-10-2019, 10:03 to the latest version v0.25.3 (upd.02.10.2019).

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