Snooker 19 v1.13 - PLAZA

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Snooker 19 — billiards simulator can now be played on a PC. Developed by Lab42, based in Leamington Spa, it has 128 officially licensed professionals, including the major hitters Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, Mark Selby and Ding Junhui, as well as old professionals who still work on a professional tour. such as Peter Ebdon, Ken Doherty and Jimmy White. There are also virtual recreations of The Crucible and Alexandra Palace, among other famous snooker spots. In the gameplay, sees the player lining up blows, applying a side or spin to the cue ball, setting the impact force, then using the left stick to move away before clicking forward at the right time. Exactly calculate the time of the shot, and you will accurately hit the ball. Time is bad, and the cue ball is off course.

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Train Valley 2 v03.10.2019 + Passenger Flow DLC - PLAZA

Train Valley 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Train Valley 2 — the second part of the railway economic strategy Train Valley. Here you also have to build an effective network of railways, update the fleet of locomotives and ensure that trains run on schedule without delay, meeting the ever-growing demand of cities and industry. The game Train Valley 2 — will give colorful locations, the opportunity to personally fantasize about the route your wagons will travel. There is nothing super complicated in the game. Your task is to use a computer mouse, with the help of hints on the map, to create modern railway tracks. Recall, the more of them, the better for the development and prosperity of your business. Routes on the game map will help quickly and comfortably deliver people and cargo to their destination.

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Blasphemous v1.0.9 (upd.03.10.2019) + DLC

Blasphemous Game Free Download Torrent
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Blasphemous is a very interesting, dynamic and fast two-dimensional platform game with a side view in which you will find adventures, puzzles, battles with different opponents, and save the whole world. The events of the game take place on the lands of Qustodia, a kingdom whose curse fell upon its inhabitants. People are dying, the kingdom is gradually being destroyed and torn to pieces, and only you, the brave hero, trapped in the infinity trap, can stop what is happening and destroy the Evil that has crept into the world of the living.

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Frontline Zed - HOODLUM

Frontline Zed Game Free Download Torrent

Frontline Zed — Imagine that your favorite city can no longer sleep peacefully. Here everything turned into a real hell: dangerous zombies appeared that are ready at any moment to attack a person and eat him alive. They destroy everything in their path and try to dictate their rules. You have to play for the one who was able to create shelter from these creatures. The bunker does not allow monsters to go inside and defends the outpost.

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Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger iX v20191003 - CODEX

Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger iX Game Free Download Torrent
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Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger iX — an arcade action platformer with a side view in a sci-fi setting from the creators of Mega Man 10 and Mighty No. 9. The game is a spin-off for the Azure Striker series and will offer to try on the role of an antihero named Kopen. Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger iX is an action game with platforming elements, representing a series that relies heavily on the achievements of the Mega-Man cycle. Download the game via torrent and embark on a journey into the future. The protagonist of the game is known from the previous parts of the Kopen series, which, although not an Adept, thanks to advanced technologies and excellent knowledge of martial arts, also deserves to be called an effective and dangerous soldier. The hero is again forced to roll up his sleeves and face numerous dangers.

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Turtle Rush v1.0 - SKIDROW

Turtle Rush Game Free Download Torrent

Turtle Rush is a colorful and rather interesting three-dimensional game in the genre of platformer, in which you will play for the last surviving torture named Oscar in some apocalypse. The events of the game take place in colorful sunny Florida, where some kind of apocalypse once happened, in which almost all the turtles died. Well, you’ll play in the story for a turtle named Oscar, which somehow managed to survive magically. So what’s now? Where have all the turtles gone? And why are seagulls constantly trying to grab and destroy the Oscars? Here are the answers to these questions that you just have to look for during the passage of this game.

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Micro Car Crash Online Le Go - TiNYiSO

Micro Car Crash Online Le Go Game Free Download Torrent

Micro Car Crash Online Le Go — Is a racing game developed by Smartmove for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the animation style, and the following features can be distinguished: action, indie, simulator, race, for several players, for one player, cartoonish. You will have access to such game modes as for multiple players and for one player. Micro Car Crash Onlan Le Guo — The authors give you complete freedom of action. Ride for pleasure, but remember that your vehicle is fragile and serious loads threaten the end of the race. Only your own imagination can limit these rides. Locations are fully open, explore every corner.

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Auto Factory - DARKSiDERS

Auto Factory Game Free Download Torrent

Auto Factory is an interesting project that allows you to experiment. Arrange the individual blocks in such a way as to get a specific result, maybe something needs to be interchanged? By creating and receiving finished products, you can earn money, expand production and take possession of new recipes in order to expand the range of finished products. An interesting business model, which nevertheless is not far from the true state of affairs. Visually, the project looks dignified and explains what is happening in some detail. Master technology, create production lines and try to get the maximum profit from your activity. This is a kind of simulator and strategy. Everything that moves along the conveyor belt is transformed according to your choice and recipes.

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Bound By Blades v1.2.7 (upd.03.10.2019)

Bound By Blades Game Free Download Torrent
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Bound By Blades is a fantasy role-playing action game in which you have to go to a world called Ashmir and try to restore order there, destroying monsters and numerous enemies. The events of the game take place in a fantasy world called Ashmir, for a long time peace and prosperity reigned in the vastness of this world, but suddenly everything changed. Dark forces began to destroy this world, and now it needs heroes. Well, you just become one of these heroes. You will have to go on a journey through the dangerous expanses of the local world, fight against numerous enemies, become stronger and curb forces that you never even dreamed about before.

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Bloody Spell Build 20191002 (Early Eccess) - SKIDROW

Bloody Spell Game Free Download Torrent

Bloody Spell is an adventure style game, where you will enter the world of action with slasher elements, and all actions take place with a third-person appearance. Sending fantasy to the atmosphere to become its full part. Here you have to stand in the way of vengeance and take up the extermination of a huge number of enemies on your way. In your arsenal will be ostrozatochennyh sword, which will fight even with the most powerful enemy. You can also give the hero different abilities and combat techniques. During the battle, perform all sorts of acrobatic stunts and flips that will help outwit your opponent, defeating him cleanly in no time.

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