Endless Space 2 Awakening v1.5.8 - CODEX

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The new Awakening DLC add-on for Endless Space 2 space strategy will allow players to negotiate with Isander, the leader of the Academy, and contribute to the birth of a new Empire. Also, the addon will bring into the game a fraction of incandescents: an ancient race that was once great, but now their civilization is only beginning to revive after a long decline. In the upcoming DLC, the Academy becomes an interstellar empire.

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Argonus and the Gods of Stone - HOODLUM

Argonus and the Gods of Stone Game Free Download Torrent

We have something that you will definitely enjoy if you are a fan of adventure first-person toys. Hurry up and download Argonus and the Gods of Stone torrent to enjoy the plot created in the best traditions of the fantastic films of the 60s — 70s. The main story takes place in ancient Greece. Users are given the opportunity to visit the role of the cartographer and historian Argon, who one fine morning wakes up next to the ship «Argo», very far from home. The famous ship of Jason and the Argonauts was led away by the songs of magnificent sirens and now lies on the seashore, broken against sharp rocks.

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PAGUI Game Free Download Torrent

PAGUI — In the early days of Taiwan, an orphan taken by the temple keeper accidentally learned about his family and life. Late at night, an orphan escaped from the temple to look at his family. An exciting game for PC, with support for Windows systems, which tells a very unusual story of the origin of the protagonist. You, an orphan in Taiwan, who grew up in poverty and not knowing your parents. But one day, you will find out your true origin in order to restore justice, you need to go on a long but very interesting journey. The place of action is the 50s of the 19th century, in Taiwan, where you have to override the whole atmosphere of life and the then life style.

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Killsquad v0.7.3

Killsquad Game Free Download Torrent
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In order to have a good time and play with your friends on a pleasant journey, just the cooperative RPG game download Killsquad torrent, which is available on our website. Achieve success by visiting this unusual journey. Corporations to raid other planets and collect valuable resources from them create special-purpose units. Why are they doing that? It’s pretty simple. On the planets that have them, scary monsters reside. These monsters can destroy all living things very quickly. To eliminate these monsters and special purpose units were created. They clear the territories of them, and then corporations seize the planets, extract and process resources.

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Pilgrims v1.0.6.267 - GOG

Pilgrims Game Free Download Torrent
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Pilgrims — is a rather entertaining adventure game that will not leave anyone indifferent and will certainly help to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere. A small studio Amanita, which is famous for unique and authentic projects, continues to delight us with its projects, unique and a little crazy. Everything is complemented by beautiful music, it is organically woven into the canvas of the work.

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Q.U.B.E. 2 upd.08.10.2019 + Aftermath - CODEX

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A sequel full of puzzles of the logical arcade Q.U.B.E. In Q.U.B.E. 2 players will try on the role of Amelia Cross — a British archaeologist, who woke up on a strange planet. With the help of another survivor, Emma, players will face complex puzzles to find the way home. The sequel takes the best ideas from the original game and develops them, putting the familiar gameplay in a picturesque environment, featuring a better picture.

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Time Break 2121 v1.3 - PLAZA

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Time Break 2121 is an action shooter that makes you unstoppable, ie non-stop. Thanks to its twisting mechanics, this game will turn you into a relentless machine as you adapt and overcome adversity at every level and stage. It’s not a game for those who lose heart or willpower, it’s an experience made for those who keep up with the challenge. If you love adrenaline, this is for you. Emphasize your reflexes and resilience through beautiful but deadly cyberpunk, dystopian streets, corridors, labs and more.

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