Police Stories v1.0.6 (upd.09.10.2019)

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Police Stories is a very interesting police indie action game with a top view, and even with an admixture of strategy. Here you have to become a real police officer and go to the dangerous streets of a gloomy city. The events of the game take place in an ordinary, but very gloomy and dangerous city, in which crime has long become commonplace. Well, you’ll have to play for a policeman named Rick Jones and his partner named John Rimes. Together with them you will have to plunge into a series of dangerous missions, during which you will need to destroy gangs, shoot at criminals, and carry out arrests.

This game has been updated 9-10-2019, 15:20 to the latest version v1.0.6 (upd.09.10.2019).

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Children Of Morta v1.0.18

Children Of Morta Game Free Download Torrent
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Children of Morta is an exciting bagel with a wide variety of characters and unmatched pixel animation. The plot tells about the strong Bergson family, who were elected to protect the mystical mountains of Mort. Generations were replaced, but the hill, as before, retained its attractiveness and many secrets. But nothing can last forever and poison leaked into the bowels of the mountain, turning the fragrant «oasis» into a kingdom of darkness and bloodthirsty monsters. Role-playing action, made in pixel art style, from indie developers Dead Mage. The game tells the story of the Bergson family, which for several generations are the guardians of the cursed Morta Mountain. A long time ago, a once peaceful mountain appeared spoilage, which turned the surrounding area into the abode of cruel monsters and demons. You have to save the world and protect your family from impending danger.

This game has been updated 9-10-2019, 15:18 to the latest version v1.0.18.

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Blazing Chrome v0.0.7.a (upd.09.10.2019) - GOG

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Blazing Chrome is a dynamic arcade shooter with a side view, an interesting plot line and crazy gameplay. History will send you to a distant future, where humanity is on the verge of destruction. The fact is that our planet was captured by intelligent creatures in the form of robots and made people into real slaves. Now, they didn’t need the weak people at all, and they made the decision to get rid of all the representatives of the human race. Earthlings really want to save their lives and their kind, and therefore decided to fight to the last.

This game has been updated 9-10-2019, 15:15 to the latest version v0.0.7.a (upd.09.10.2019).

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.35.3.20s + 68 DLC - SKIDROW

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Euro Truck Simulator 2 — represents you the second part of an excellent game project, which by genre belongs to the simulators of drivers of huge trucks. You can become a trucker in the game. The game is developed and released by talented developers from the Czech studio SCS Software. We want to draw attention to the fact that the game is endowed with not only a simulator of driving skills, but also elements of the economic sim. Become the owner of a transport and logistics company, and show your leadership and organizational skills. Do you want to become a link in the sphere of transportation? Do you want to poke on European roads? In this case, we recommend that you download Euro Truck Simulator 2 torrent. And our gaming site, and this page directly, will help to do it quickly, reliably, for free.

Patched to v1.35.3.20s + 68 DLC. Added addition Euro Truck Simulator 2 — Special Transport, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC + All DLC.

This game has been updated 9-10-2019, 15:11 to the latest version v1.35.3.20s + 68 DLC.

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Lumina - PLAZA

Lumina Game Free Download Torrent

Lumina is a simulator and logic game developed by Gem Rose Accent for the PC platform. The style in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and you can highlight the features of the strategy, action, adventure, indie, simulator, steam achievements, puzzle. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player.

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Survival Vacancy v4r4 (upd.09.10.2019)

Survival Vacancy Game Free Download Torrent
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Survival Vacancy is a mix of a sandbox and a survival simulator where you have to survive, provide other survivors with resources and everything you need, collect resources, set up production of items, and more. The game takes place in an alternative apocalyptic future, in which the real nuclear apocalypse happened. Now almost all of humanity has been destroyed, and the few surviving people have hidden underground and are trying to somehow survive all this horror. Well, you will play the role of a certain mercenary engineer who needs to do everything possible to ensure a decent existence for the colony and its inhabitants. But this will be very difficult to do. Get ready for trials and tons of problems.

This game has been updated 9-10-2019, 09:27 to the latest version v4r4 (upd.09.10.2019).

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Love Esquire v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Love Esquire — is a game with a bias for adults and RPG elements. Our hero is not destined to be a knight or king, he was always somewhere on the sidelines or even on third, and maybe fourth. In general, he is a simple squire, but this does not mean that he does not want to know all the charms of love. With such thoughts and attitudes, our hero is looking for a girl who agrees to be his lover, but it is difficult to do this, because most of them look at the rich and successful, since they win the heart of a lady. This question will need to be resolved by you.

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Wanna Survive v1.1.1

Wanna Survive Game Free Download Torrent
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Wanna Survive is a turn-based strategy in setting a zombie apocalypse in which you have to survive, travel through a new dangerous world, develop and do much more. The game takes place in an alternative world in which the real zombie apocalypse has arrived. Most people were turned into zombies, and now only a few survivors remain alive and try to save at least some part of the once prosperous civilization. Well, you will be playing the role of one of such survivors.

This game has been updated 9-10-2019, 07:52 to the latest version v1.1.1.

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Taste Of Power - SKIDROW

Taste Of Power Game Free Download Torrent

Taste of Power is a game project presented in the genre of strategy, where you have to get into a clash between countries of medieval Europe. You will have the opportunity to go to explore the vast territory to collect all the necessary, valuable resources. You will build huge, multi-functional cities, as well as upgrade your powerful army of professional warriors. Learn the latest technology, create more and more settlements, and do not forget to develop the infrastructure. Battles will constantly occur in real time, which will allow you to feel in the real world. Regarding the distinctive features of the project, we can safely note its dynamism in execution.

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Trover Saves the Universe upd.09.10.2019 (Important Cosmic Jobs) - SKIDROW

Trover Saves the Universe Game Free Download Torrent

Trover Saves the Universe is a very difficult in its essence three-dimensional platformer in which you will play as a player playing as the main character. Unusual, yes? But here’s an idea for this game. In the story, you will enter the universe of an unusual game in which the favorite doggie of Trover, the main character, was kidnapped by a Glorcon. He stuffed the little dogs into his eye sockets and thus uses their vital energy to replenish his own strength. You, in the role of the player who controls Tver, will have to go on a dangerous journey, at the end of which you will have to free the dogs and give freedom to all the inhabitants of this unusual universe.

This game has been updated 9-10-2019, 07:04 to the latest version upd.09.10.2019 (Important Cosmic Jobs).

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