Stars End v0.652

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Stars End — Bring to your attention a scientific game with elements of survival, which tells about the confrontation between people in distant galaxies. After another global cataclysm, the Earth became unsuitable for existence, so the human race began to colonize all the planets of the solar system. In the game Stars End torrent of which you can download for free by visiting our games website, you have to collect armies of soldiers to fight for resources on the planets. You as a player will become a traveler through the galaxies, trying to conquer certain territories rich in resources. Mining resources will be your first priority in the game.

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Ling A Road Alone v1.1.0.8 - CODEX

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Ling A Road Alone — the game pleases us with a top view and beautiful graphics. The hero goes on a dangerous journey and he has to visit different continents here and you sandstorms and snow-covered forests. In the hands of a huge sword in the soul a lot of evil in the fists of enormous power, all this will help defeat enemies and destroy everything in its path. This story is aimed at consciousness, you will have to completely plunge into an interesting and dangerous world with the main character, open his inner world, help him understand himself. Many locations, a large number of rivals, blood and strength, that is what will accompany throughout the passage.

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Ancestors Legacy Saladins Conquest Build 64623 - CODEX

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In game Ancestors Legacy real-time strategy you has received a new addition to Saladin’s Conquest. Players waiting for the campaign, inspired by real events in the Middle East in the XII century. The era of the Crusades will transfer gamers from medieval Europe to the desert lands, where they will lead the Saracen army. Supplement contains five story missions and three new maps for multiplayer battles.

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Sole Game Free Download Torrent

Sole — the game is a surreal adventure in which you play as the only source of light in a world shrouded in darkness. Take a walk in uninhabited surroundings, paint the earth with light, revealing its mysterious past. Explore the remains of great cities and discover the history of ancient civilization on your journey to restore life in an abandoned world. The ability to transform the world. Paint the earth with light and leave a constant trail of lighting wherever you explore. Grow grass, revive trees and show murals of light as you restore life throughout the earth. An emotionally captivating non-verbal story tells the story of an abandoned world through 5 carefully designed environments. Collect the alphabet of ancient glyphs to reveal the secrets of a lost story.

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Grandia 2 HD Remaster - PLAZA

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Grandia 2 HD Remaster — is a reissue of the second part of the jRPG game called Grandia. The game itself was released on PC in 2002, and now it has received an updated version for modern PCs, with better graphics and resolution. The game returned again, the authors decided to revive the Japanese RPGs of the shaggy years and they were quite able to do it, the graphics became much better, fewer angles, more detail, shadows appeared, new visual effects and several difficulty levels, plus now you can play using the keyboard or gamepad. The main thing is that the spirit remained the same, nothing of its own was introduced, which means the fans will be happy.

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