Kerbal Space Program 2

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Kerbal Space Program 2 — is a space simulator, which is a sequel to the popular game about the exploration of outer space on autographically constructed vehicles. The new project follows established traditions and offers players to once again test their strengths in the construction of huge galactic cruisers. Thanks to their solid dimensions, they will be able to deliver a sufficient number of people and resources to planets suitable for life, where full-fledged colonies will be created.

This game Kerbal Space Program 2 will soon be available for torrent download on Skidrow Game Reloaded website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

Manifold Garden v1.0.28 (upd.04.12.2019)

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Manifold Garden — is a game that, moreover, is made in a very unusual style that you have never seen before, this game will completely force you to change your mind about the laws of physics and gravity. Rediscover gravity and the laws to which it is subject. Immerse yourself in the world of incredible architecture. You will need to admit that everything that you knew before does not mean anything here, only then you can solve all the mysteries of this world and solve its puzzles. Develop an unusual garden and open new paths on the level.

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Six Ages Ride Like the Wind v1.0 - TiNYiSO

Six Ages Ride Like the Wind Game Free Download Torrent

Six Ages Ride Like the Wind — is a text adventure quest in which you will find adventures, numerous dialogs, interesting and unusual events, and an intriguing plot. The game takes place in a fictional universe, which is very similar visually to the era of the conquests of Genghis Khan. You will control the plot of the riders, the clan of riders, who, because of an unknown cataclysm, had to leave their native lands and go on a long and very dangerous journey in search of a new home. During this journey, they and you will have to face a bunch of different events, overcome many dangers and obstacles, fight monsters, and not only.

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Rising Hell v0.8.4i (upd.18.10.2019)

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Rising Hell — present to your attention a killer and dizzying platformer that will delight you with the highest dynamics of the game, as well as a huge variety of game control mechanics. Separately, it is worth noting the unique graphics of the game, made in pixel style, similar to projects from the era of the nineties. Here you will take on the role of a powerful creature, which is very much like a person, but at the same time has the body and abilities of a demon. You will go to hell itself to defeat the minions of Satan, and then the most insidious King of Purgatory. The game will delight you with a huge variety of gaming locations, each of which will hide a lot of secrets and unique features. It is also worth mentioning separately a wide variety of bosses in the game, the sizes of which, as well as their strength, can simply amaze.

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Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure v1.0 - HOODLUM

Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure Game Free Download Torrent

An incredible and exciting game awaits all gamers, both beginners and real veterans. For everyone who feels confident in the vastness of virtual space, we present the great news a computer game called Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure has been released. You probably already understood from the name that this is the next part of the Ice Age series, known throughout the world. The main character in this game becomes a squirrel named Scrat, who has an incredible ability to attract various troubles to herself, and all because she is trying to save and hide her precious only acorn.

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1812 Napoleon Wars

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1812 Napoleon Wars — for strategy buffs. It will be about the war of the army of Napoleon and the Russian Empire. You will find a fairly rich gameplay. Take part in the famous Borodino battle, defend the Rayevsky battery and much more. This is a chance to go from cornet to general. However, a lot of effort is required for such a promotion. 1812 Napoleon Wars illustrates a specific episode of history and all the events that were associated with it. You are waiting for tactical battles in the ranks of the partisans. Missions for the liberation of cities, the ability to escort convoys and much more. It is necessary to determine the strategy. Which will certainly lead to victory. In addition to direct participation in the battles, there is the prospect of sending troops and deciding destinies.

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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth v1.0 Complete Edition - SKIDROW

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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition — is a collection of two jRPG games released in 2015-2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita — Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hackers Memory. Both games unfold in the universe of the popular anime Digimon, and the challenge of title creatures plays an important role in the game. Both productions were developed by Media.Vision. The action of the game Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition, which we can download via torrent, takes place in the near future, when the border between the real world and the digital world is so blurred that events in one of them affect the other.

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The Wild Eight v1.0.12 (upd.18.10.2019) - CODEX

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The Wild Eight — the fall of the plane is just the beginning. Eight survivors were left in the middle of the stern forests of Alaska, full of secrets and secrets. Find out the mystery of the fall of the plane and discover all the hidden anomalies in this snowy world. Find random quests in abandoned buildings, storages and secret laboratories to get unique items. Challenge the new lands and explore the uncharted regions of Alaska in this simultaneously beautiful and ruthless, randomly generated world. Gray at night near the fire, build a refuge from the snow storms and share food with other survivors. Collect everything in your path to create tools that will help you survive: weapons, clothing and tools for mining resources. Improve survival skills in your shelter by tailoring them to your survival style.

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