Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient - HOODLUM

Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient Game Free Download Torrent

Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient — Ayame Itu is a high school student. Or at least she thinks so. In truth, she has little to remember about herself. She did not even remember her name until she saw it in her medical history. You see, she just woke up from a coma, alone in the dark, tied to an operating table in a hospital called Amare Patriarcha Crucis. Apparently, the hospital was looted — there were papers everywhere, catalyses and boxes accumulated in the halls, and not a soul was visible. And the external exits are either tightly closed or closed with steel shutters. She is completely alone and trapped.

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Normans Night In - TiNYiSO

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Normans Night In — this is PC game, the story of the shopkeeper, his bowling ball, and the fatal fall into the world of caves. Use slingshot mechanics to solve physics-based puzzles, encounter unfamiliar cave beasts and discover the invisible world with the light that emits your new bowling ball.

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Dusk Diver v1.0 - SKIDROW

Dusk Diver Game Free Download Torrent

Dusk Diver — is an rpg genre game developed by JFI GAMES for the PC platform. The style of the game is not specified, but the following components are distinguished — adventure action with elements of a role-playing game. You will have access to the game mode «solo» — one player. An anime action about the heroine Yang Yumo, involved in an incomprehensible intrigue together with her friends during a shopping in the Ximending area. You will plunge into a whirlwind of adventure in urban Taiwan. Together with the main character you have to fight with demons and otherworldly entities, you will meet people with unusual abilities. You have to fight for the schoolgirl Young Yumo, who became the owner of super abilities after an inexplicable incident.

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Nanotale Typing Chronicles upd.23.10.2019 (Early Access)

Nanotale Typing Chronicles Game Free Download Torrent
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Nanotale Typing Chronicles — is an adventure game with RPG elements. The game, which is the spiritual successor of Epistory Typing Chronicles, was developed by an independent studio Fishing Cactus. After downloading Nanotale Typing Chronicles torrent, we are transferred to a fantastic, dying world. We play Rosalina, a young archivist who, in search of plant and rock samples, finds herself in a certain valley. Thus, the heroine’s journey begins, during which she explores the most remote corners of the country and reveals their secrets.

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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 v20191023 (All Star Update) - CODEX

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is designed to take street basketball to a whole new level of quality. Developers from Saber Interactive, working under the patronage of the publisher in the face of 2K, have prepared for you a lot of innovations and improvements. Players will receive a unique seasonal mode, as well as an online rating. Playing in the NBA Playgrounds 2, you get access to the well-known and not very NBA compositions, which include both active basketball stars and former players of the National Basketball Association. You can play alone, but this mode is intended solely to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of gameplay and to train your skills.

This game has been updated 23-10-2019, 13:37 to the latest version v20191023 (All Star Update).

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Injection π23 No name no number - SKIDROW

Injection π23 No name no number Game Free Download Torrent

Injection π23 No name no number — a surreal survival horror in which users explore the sinister Spanish town where they solve puzzles and fight creepy monsters. Classic survival horror oriented to solving puzzles, exploration and strategy. 4 interchangeable camera types, set in a real town in Spain. Travel to the depths of a lonely mind that has lost contact with society and torments his own condition as a human being. Take control of a character who lives in seclusion with his dog, which he considers the only reason for his existence. Can you descend into this spiral of paranoia and madness to rediscover your happiness.

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Automobilista Snetterton v1.5.3 - CODEX

Automobilista Snetterton Game Free Download Torrent
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Automobilista Snetterton — if you love motorsport and follow its trends, then you are probably familiar with Brazilian racing tournaments such as the Stock Car V8, the Mitsubishi Lancer Cup, the Copa Petrobras de Marcas and a few more model championships of 2015. If for some reason you did not manage to contemplate all this, then we suggest you download Automobilista on your computer and thus join the racing competitions that will take place on the most interesting tracks.

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Corpse Party Blood Drive v20191022 - CODEX

Corpse Party Blood Drive Game Free Download Torrent
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Corpse Party Blood Drive — While some members of Kisaragi Academy Grades 2–9 returned from their trip to the infernal, otherworldly elementary school known as the Heavenly Host, many did not, and survivors struggle daily to preserve memories of those who were unhappy enough to die in his halls. However, there is one ray of hope: an ancient volume known as the Book of Shadows. Class President Ayumi Shinozaki tried to use his magic to resurrect his dead friends, but only exacerbated the tragedy in the process. And now the book has been lost.

This game has been updated 23-10-2019, 03:09 to the latest version v20191022.

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