Stellaris Lithoids Species Pack v2.5.0 - CODEX

Stellaris Lithoids Species Pack Game Free Download Torrent
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Lithoids Species Pack for Stellaris — will offer not only a completely new gameplay, but also several portraits with intelligent stone creatures, as well as ship models. Lithoids are large and solid creatures entirely composed of intelligent stone. To maintain their existence, they consume minerals, live very long time and are able to colonize almost any territory. Players planning to master the management of this race, waiting for a completely new gameplay based on the extraction of minerals and ruthless colonization of even the smallest worlds.

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Railway Empire France v1.10.0.24863 - CODEX

Railway Empire France Game Free Download Torrent
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Railway Empire the game acquired its new addition DLC, called France — the company Kalypso Media continues to delight and maintain its strategy for trains. Manage whole trains, build a railway in the time of the fledgling France, where the player is waiting for new locomotives, maps, landscapes and much more. According to the plot and idea of the developer, the emperor Napoleon the 3rd was expelled, the French monarchy collapsed again, your main task is to develop the industrial warehouse of the country.

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Koloro Dreamers Edition v24.10.2019 - PLAZA

Koloro Game Free Download Torrent
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Koloro — a game in the platformer genre, where the main role is a little girl who survived a life tragedy. The tragedy is the sale of a beloved and beloved sister, which happened for absolutely unknown circumstances. You have to go along with the main character on a long journey through a fantastic world, where you will overcome a lot of obstacles and traps to find a sister. Throughout the gameplay you will cope with almost insurmountable tests, and also do not forget to improve your skills in every possible way.

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