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Fading Embers is the third part of This War of Mine Stories. In this episode, you will learn the story of Ani, which will not leave anyone indifferent. The burden of choice rests on the shoulders of a girl from the war zone: she must decide for herself what is more important — preservation of the cultural heritage or the life of an individual.

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Afterparty v29.10.2019 - HOODLUM

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Afterparty — humorous adventure from the creators of Oxenfree. The plot of the game is about Milo and Lola — college students and sidekick friends who died and went to hell. To get out of the underworld, you need to drink Satan. To pass you will need to go around all the drinking and entertainment establishments of hell, meet the ancient demons and prepare both physically and mentally for the battle with the devil. The dialog box resembles a game from Teltale with three answer choices, with the option «drink» instead of «silence». Various drinks will give temporary bonuses to enhance your performance, for example, «wit» or «courage». The developers note a high level of passage variability depending on the drink you choose and the replica, the game will throw up new unique situations and ways of passing.

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First Strike Final Hour v1.0.5 (upd.29.10.2019)

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First Strike Final Hour — another space-themed strategy where you need to unleash a real nuclear war with the super powers of the world. For this purpose, you choose your own state, starting from North Korea and ending with the United States, and begin to conduct scientific research in order to subsequently protect your territory from nuclear bombs. A very unique real-time strategy game where you need to go to war, capture enemy territories and protect the people of your chosen country. You can fully automate your defense systems, look for new weapons and new technologies to perfectly protect your gaming sector. You have a difficult but feasible task — to arrange global wars and protect your people from another world war, which can completely destroy the whole world.

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Cult Of The Abyss Update 1

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Cult Of The Abyss — is a survival horror sandbox about survival along with a dog companion, with Tower Defense elements, magic, crafting, gardening, endless locations and building a base, as well as protecting it at night. You find yourself in a ruined world ruled by a gloomy apocalyptic cult. In this fancy journey, you play the role of a boy named Quest, who is not alone and travels with his best friend Dippy — a dog. Both of you need to search for prey, explore and survive while you try to find your way home. You build your own shelters, defend and defend them, so as not to be captured by creepy creatures that prey on you at night.

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