Slendytubbies 3 v1.295 (upd.31.10.2019)

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Slendytubbies 3 — once, the teletubbies lived on the forest lawn and were happy every day to the bright sun, but everything once came to an end. So it happened in the life of these cartoon characters. Teletubbies had to leave their homes and go into the woods, full of dangers and traps. But when you constantly live in fear and are afraid of absolutely everything, you have to put up with the status quo. As a result, the teletubbies became vicious and very violent. You will lead the teletubbies and take the role of an observer.

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Remothered Tormented Fathers v1.5.1 - GOG

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Game Remothered Tormented Fathers — this is clearly a failed attempt to revive the legendary horror Clock Tower, undertaken by designer Chris Derrill and the young studio developers Stormind Games. Work on the project Chris Darell began in 2007, but only as a result of cooperation with the guys from Stormind Games, he managed to achieve the embodiment of his idea. The game story of the game is as follows.

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Nightmare (Incubo) v1.0 - TiNYiSO

Nightmare (Incubo) Game Free Download Torrent

The platformer of the same name devotes us to the difficult relationship of fathers and children in the universe — Nightmare (Incubo). We play as a little boy, constantly receiving reproaches from his father. The essence of abuse from a strong parent is «you were not born to her». A small but brave man decides to find out: «who is she?» And «why wasn’t I born to her?». Going on a terrible and gloomy journey, the monsters will accompany us, giving answers to questions, at the same time trying to kill us.

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Ghost Parade - SKIDROW

Ghost Parade Game Free Download Torrent

Ghost Parade is a very unusual adventure action. A mysterious, dark forest full of creepy, dangerous creatures … But sometimes, even they need help. You have to try on the role of a small but very brave girl Suri, who, by the will of fate, is lost in the forest, returning home from school. And it is Suri who will have to stand between greedy, treacherous people, thirsting, for the sake of profit, to cut down the ancient forest and the mysterious inhabitants of the thicket. The main character has to overcome many dangers and fight more than one enemy. And in her arsenal there will be only limitless courage and an old lantern. But do not lose heart, 30 new ghostly friends of Suri will in every way protect and help her resist evil. In addition, each of them has its own unique abilities.

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The 13th Doll A Fan Game of The 7th Guest - SKIDROW

The 13th Doll A Fan Game of The 7th Guest Game Free Download Torrent

The 13th Doll A Fan Game of The 7th Guest is a fascinating interactive adventure with first-person view and elements of horror, which is a fan continuation of The 7th Guest. The plot of the game begins seven days after the events of The 7th Guest. The protagonist Tad is now imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. His physician, Dr. Richmond, decides to send Thad back to the horror mansion from which he once escaped in order to show the patient that there really is nothing to fear.

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Fire Pro Wrestling World v2.10.10 + DLC - PLAZA

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Fire Pro Wrestling World is a game about how huge and muscular fighters mutuse each other on a ring-covered ring and make various tricks, from classic to exotic. Punches to the groin, poking fingers to the eyes or seizing nostrils, Mexican jumping from the support, and similar perversions occur within the ring, because before you is a real wrestling for real men. Pixel wrestling returns to the computer, and with them a great many fighters. More than 2000 Wrestlers are represented in Fire Pro Wrestling World, including such famous personalities as John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, and others. Choose a fighter for your color and taste, analyze its characteristics and go first to practice strikes, and then go out into the big arena where you have to fight in battle with professional fighters controlled by either a computer or a man.

This release is standalone v2.10.10 and includes all content and DLC from our previous.

This game has been updated 31-10-2019, 04:17 to the latest version v2.10.10 + DLC.

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