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JUMANJI The Video Game — many remember the times when a game was created for almost every film. Today, some publishers do not produce consumer goods, while others produce versions for mobile devices. But some are still striving to win the hearts of true filmmakers. If you remember the popular Jumanji movie series, you’ll definitely enjoy the Jumanji The Video Game. This adventure action was created based on the movie epic, which was released in 2017. In the role of the long-known heroes of Ruby Roundhouse, Dr. Smulder Bravestone, Professor Shelley Oberon, Franklin Finbar, you will go on an exciting journey. His goal will be to search for magic stones.

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Zombie Soup v1.0.15

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Zombie Soup — a dynamic game in the genre of action shooter, the actions of which will send you during the eighties. The storyline tells you about a simple student who found himself in a very difficult situation. The thing is that you faced terrifying circumstances during which evil managed to abduct your beloved; now you have decided to immediately go in search of her and do everything possible so that evil forces no longer come to this once prosperous world. Explore locations around you, find useful objects and valuable resources that will be useful to you in achieving your goal.

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Turbo Island Purger v0.10.0 (upd.08.11.2019)

Turbo Island Purger Game Free Download Torrent
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Turbo Island Purger — as for the gameplay, it is here primarily based on hardcore battles with numerous enemies. Your main weapon at Turbo Island Purger will be your reaction and ability to react quickly to everything that happens on the screen. Only in this way can you survive. Your enemies are strong, fast, and deadly, and you will have to act as quickly as possible. Kill robots, fight everything that comes to your hand, explode and destroy everything around, and most importantly, survive.

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Tetris Effect v1.0.4.3

Tetris Effect Game Free Download Torrent
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Tetris Effect is an arcade game project that invites you to the world of a completely unique and popular Tetris game. You will become part of a diverse three-dimensional world, the main part of which includes already well-known figures. This time you will encounter a completely unusual adventure, since the world in the game has the ability to evolve and change. This aspect will betray the gameplay of new colors. Here you are required to pay special attention to the development of your skills and abilities, since the more professional you become, the more opportunities you will have to complete missions.

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Swords and Souls Neverseen v1.15 - GOG

Swords and Souls Neverseen Game Free Download Torrent
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Swords and Souls Neverseen download torrent that can be on our site, quite an interesting role-playing game. It combines the classic elements of RPG and turn-based system of warfare, which are adopted in such Japanese games. In it, the protagonist will have to play for a character who is not lucky. He was shipwrecked and thrown onto an island on which golems, orcs, goblins and other vermin live. Realizing that he does not hope for anyone, he goes deep into this front garden of sophisticated monsters, fighting along the way.

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Cat Goes Fishing v20191113

Cat Goes Fishing Game Free Download Torrent
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Cat Goes Fishing is a simple arcade fishing game in which you, as a curious cat, go fishing. Here you will find dozens of different fish, adventures, and much more. The events of the game take place on a not very ordinary reservoir, where you will go in the role of a cat. The goal is simple — you need to catch as many fish as possible. But do not think that you just have to sit and fish, waiting until it bites. everything is much more interesting here. Here you have to watch the gear even deep under water, to study the behavior of different species of fish.

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Feather v1.3.0 (upd.08.11.2019)

Feather Game Free Download Torrent
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Feather is an adventure game that is able to relax any user, taking it into a spacious, colorful and serene world. Here you will become a real explorer who will roam through fabulous landscapes in search of the most mysterious secrets. The game will allow you to take on the role of a bird that will flit in the boundless airspace, exploring every corner of the world. Fly around, here you have complete freedom of action, an open world and absolutely no limits. All this fabulous atmosphere great complement the musical accompaniment, which will allow you to penetrate into the enchanting world of the game with your head.

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Headsnatchers v08.11.2019 - PLAZA

Headsnatchers Game Free Download Torrent

Headsnatchers — the most dynamic game in the arcade genre, where there is a multiplayer mode. Here you will have the opportunity to have a great time in the company of your friends, as well as make new acquaintances with players around the world. You will become a member of the enchanting, and in some places even a little crazy competition, where you have to literally play the game with the heads of the opposing team. There is both a team and a single mode, where the winner is the team or the player who, throughout the passage, will earn as many experience points as possible.

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