Terraforming Mars v1.1230 - SKIDROW

Terraforming Mars Game Free Download Torrent

Terraforming Mars is, in fact, an advanced simulator of the popular board game. In Terraforming Mars you have to colonize Mars, making it habitable. Practice terraforming, fill Mars with water, create oceans, green zones, a habitable atmosphere — do everything to make Mars become habitable for humans. Build cities and attract new residents to get more opportunities for the development of the planet. Make of a lifeless planet a real paradise filled with fauna and flora.​

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Fictorum v2.0.6 - PLAZA

Fictorum Game Free Download Torrent
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Fictorum — role-playing game, which is based on the theme of the militants, where you have to become a party of enchanting resistance with insidious enemies. You will take on a rather unusual role — the role of a wizard who will have magical abilities full of power. Go to the virtual fantasy world, which is open to achievement and research. You will become a real professional, a master of your craft, whose knowledge is endowed with a forbidden magical order. On your way, there will always be different characters who will somehow influence the outcome of the events.

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Story of a Gladiator v20200102 - PLAZA

Story of a Gladiator Game Free Download Torrent
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Story of a Gladiator is a new Beat em up game in which you have to challenge fate and find your destiny in the Colosseum arena. The war with the Roman Empire took absolutely everything from you. Your near and dear ones were killed, your house was burned to the ground, and your homeland is now under the oppression of the Romans. Despite all this, you managed to avoid slavery and a worse fate. Now, you roam the streets of Rome, not understanding why to live on and why the gods spared you. And then one day, fate decides to reveal its cards. Will you accept her challenge? The arena is waiting for you, gladiator.

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CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling v1.1.4 (upd.02.01.2020)

CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling Game Free Download Torrent
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CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling — proves that a sports game can be a cool action. Excellent 90s style, exciting gameplay and bright characters, all to create a decent mood. Spectacular arcade fights, pay attention if you are an admirer of this amazing type of competition. Many different modes will not let you get bored. Confrontations will be not only 1×1, but quite massive fights are waiting for everyone.

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Normans Great Illusion v02.01.2020

Normans Great Illusion Game Free Download Torrent
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Normans Great Illusion is a two-dimensional pixel visual novel on social inequality. You have to play the role of an ordinary engineer, who is faced with social injustice in personal experience. The game touches upon acute social problems. The problems of exploitation, class inequality, imperialism and other modern problems of the ordinary working man. If you like games that make you think about pressing contemporary issues, then Normans Great Illusion will definitely appeal to you.

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Zombie Claus - PLAZA

Zombie Claus Game Free Download Torrent

Zombie Claus — this is a fascinating game where the protagonist named Henry, behaved very badly all year, and as our parents told us, whoever behaves badly will not receive gifts for the new year. But this time, Santa Claus decided to teach a prankster a lesson, and arranged for him a real horror survival in his own house. The beginning of the game, you play as Henry, who is alone at home, the presence of Christmas decorations weakens and at the same time scares. The Christmas tree is dressed up and flashing lights, a TV is working, a festive table is set, and there is nobody around. First-person view makes this game even more interesting.

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Automation Empire v20200101 - CODEX

Automation Empire Game Free Download Torrent
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Automation Empire — is an economic strategy in which you have to deal with automation of production and extraction of resources, infrastructure and logistics. and many others. So, at your disposal there is a huge resource-rich territory on which you will now have to build a truly effective production network by all means. What you will produce there, how you will manage the resources, how you will deliver them — all this depends on you. here freedom is granted to you, and you have the right to do what you see fit.

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