Home Sweet Home Episode 2 v1.2.2 Part 2 (upd.07.01.2020) - PLAZA

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Home Sweet Home Episode 2 is a continuation of the sensational game. She sharply, like a shot, was presented in front of gamers, and everyone who had the honor to play it was surprised at the incredible atmosphere that it had, the bright and elaborate special effects in the first part. And then the developers did not stop there, and now all the fans of the first part have great news — a new part is coming out, which promises to be just as atmospheric and frightening. The protagonist of the new part will still be a young man named Tim.

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CHUCHEL Game Free Download Torrent

CHUCHEL is a puzzle game from the Czech studio Amanita Design, which gained fame thanks to a whole galaxy of surreal hits: Samorost, Machinarium and Botanicula. Details about the project are not yet available, but there is a rather large gameplay video, recorded, apparently, at one of the presentations. From this video it follows that we have to play for some kind of an acorn-like creature called Chuchel. Each scene in the game is a kind of puzzle where the hero needs to solve some problem. For example, outsmart another character to steal his berry.

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Contra Rogue Corps v1.3.0 + DLC - CODEX

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The return of the famous Contra Rogue Corps franchise, this game 2019 for free PC, which takes place several years after the events of Contra 3 The Alien Wars. Choose your hero from four different characters and complete missions in PVE campaigns, collect resources to improve your weapons and destroy everything that stands in your way. All characters have unique skills and special attacks that can be customized using improved organs and cybernetic implants.

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