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Mashinky is a brand new transport strategy game from Czech developer Jan Zeleny. Zooming through gorgeous landscapes, utilising a traditional isometric construction mode and mastering a unique board game-like gameplay, you'll find yourself immersed in the task of building your own transport empire. The goal is to create your own transport empire on a procedurally generated map. The game is a unique blend of realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode and boardgame-like rules. Players start the game in control of a transport company. They must lay tracks on difficult terrain, research and buy new vehicles, manage routes and compete against economic rules to make as much profit as possible by transporting passengers and various cargos. This makes for a challenging simulation game requiring the player to consider all elements of business to be successful.

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Bird Simulator Build 20200108

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Bird Simulator is a simulation game developed by GameFlare for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of modernity, adventure, indie, casual game, simulator, early access, third-person, humor, for several players, physics, funny and others. You will have access to such game modes as for multiple players and for one player. For a long time people wanted to fly like birds, even before the appearance of the first flying means. But what is it like to feel like a real bird soaring freely in the sky? Managing a flying beast is not easy — you have to control the direction of flight of the bird and direct it in the right direction, directly to the target.

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The Curious Expedition v1.4.1.1

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The Curious Expedition is a research bagel that takes place somewhere in the early 19th century. At this time there is so much more unexplored, so much is not open, whole islands and even continents are filled with unknown cities, caves and, of course, treasures. What will you find? How will you use it? The Curious Expedition game contains a huge number of surprises, and to this you are still waiting for a randomly generated world, which gradually opens as you explore. You are waiting for various obstacles, ranging from natural (rivers, lakes, mountains), ending with various monsters. Gather a good and reliable team that, under your leadership, will be able to overcome any difficulties. Who knows what discoveries you can do? It’s clear one thing, the game keeps you in a pleasant tension, and random generation makes you constantly come back and implement new incredible discoveries.

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Astrox Imperium v0.089

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Astrox Imperium — a simulator with elements of an action in which you have to conquer global outer space. You will take on the role of the protagonist, who was expelled to a distant sector of space, having set off far from the best ship. In your arsenal, a meager set of weapons, which includes a small beam and a laser. Here you will fight for your own life, passing the numerous tests that the game has prepared for you. Outer space is dark and hides a lot of secrets. Solving the secrets of the world, you can discover new opportunities.

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Interstellar Space Genesis v1.0.8 (upd.08.01.2020) - HOODLUM

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Sometime in a few tens or hundreds of years, mankind will be able to conquer interstellar space and open the era of colonization of distant planets. In the process of traveling, the first researchers will have to face a number of problems, including extraterrestrial civilizations that are extremely hostile. The game Interstellar Space Genesis is a turn-based strategy that invites players to build a huge space empire. Get at your disposal a whole fleet of research ships and send them on a journey to distant planets. Study the whole stellar systems and determine those that are suitable for life. Expand human presence in space by establishing many thriving colonies.

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Kynseed v0.1.16.2384

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Kynseed is a life simulator with elements of farming, work simulator, relationships, and more. But you will manage here not one character, but several at once. The main feature of this game is that you have to manage a whole family, or rather even whole generations of the same family. It all begins with a magic acorn, a child, and a grown tree. Your task — by all means, from generation to generation to protect the tree from all sorts of problems.

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Dawn of Man v1.4.1 (upd.08.01.2020) - PLAZA

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Dawn of Man is a strategy game where you go to a large historical world to fight for your own life. The adventure spans more than ten thousand years of history related to human development. Here your main task will be to establish and then develop the settlement. You will control the settlement of the first modern people, leading them through the centuries and trying to fully develop. I went to explore the world, to get as much useful resources as possible, and also to find a suitable place for the construction of the city. The environment will often become your enemy, but in many cases it will help you to achieve your goal. Turn to the hunt to get food for your settlement.

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Noita upd.08.01.2020 (Early Access)

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Noita is an interesting bagel developed by independent studio Nolla Games. The development team has previously worked on games such as Crayon Physics Deluxe, Swapper, and Environmental Station Alpha. Plot In gameplay Noita, the plot layer plays a secondary role. During the game, we play as a mage wandering around a dark dungeon and facing the dangers lurking there. During the adventure on the PC platform, we observe the action of the game from the side, explore places and eliminate opponents. The protagonist uses a wide range of spells based on elements that he expands as he progresses. These spells allow him not only to kill enemies, but also to manipulate the world of the game, which often allows him to get into inaccessible places.

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Evil Genome v1.2.016 (Year Edition) - PLAZA

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Evil Genome is a 3D metroidvania. The heroine Lachesis will lead you to explore the vast desert world, experience various battles, and also develop your own character. A new addition called Evil Genome Year Edition includes 3 parts of the Evil Genome + original soundtrack and game wallpaper. The player will become a part of the large organization TLS, which has taken possession of most areas of life of ordinary people. You are a universal weapon that can fulfill any task. At the current point in time, for example, the hero has to deal with the destruction of those who rebelled against the methods of government of TLS. And remember, this must be done quickly and ruthlessly, because there is always the possibility that something will go wrong.

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REFUGE v1.04 (upd.08.01.2020) - HOODLUM

REFUGE Game Free Download Torrent

REFUGE — is a solo adventure in the genre of third-person role-playing games, with a huge, open and handmade world and an unconditional test. Pass through hordes of monsters, open new objects and find ways to survive. In the game, the player must explore the open world and destroy the bosses, thereby earning a special coin, which is saved forever and allows you to open new items that, after opening, will begin to appear in new races.

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