Evolution Battle Simulator Prehistoric Times - PLAZA

Evolution Battle Simulator Prehistoric Times Game Free Download Torrent

Evolution Battle Simulator Prehistoric Times — is a funny game with a focus on fights and tactics. She appeared in the hope of tearing at least a piece of the TABS fame. Of course, this simulator is much simpler, it has fewer features, fewer types of troops, and locations are much more modest. But here, however, you can have fun, in the presence of funny characters and a lot of space to deploy your attack. At the moment, the game has a campaign, an RPG component and a sandbox mode.

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GRID Hot Hatch Showdown v1.0.114.7116 - CODEX

GRID Hot Hatch Showdown Game Free Download Torrent

In the new update GRID Hot Hatch Showdown you will find 33 new events in career mode and 4 new hatchbacks MINI Hatch JCW, Lancia Delta HF Integrale Super Hatch, Renault S1600, as well as AUDI S1 quattro Concept. Hot Hatch Showdown is part of the Ultimate Edition of GRID. The track supports three variations with the option of moving in the opposite direction and various weather conditions. GRID was released in October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In November, the racing game reached the Google Stadia streaming service, where it received an exclusive online mode for 40 people.

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Armored Brigade Nation Pack France Belgium v1.051 - CODEX

Armored Brigade Nation Pack France Belgium Game Free Download Torrent

Armored Brigade Nation Pack France Belgium — wargames on modern hot spots on our long-suffering planet, unfortunately, the developers somehow do not particularly favor. The situation with possible conflicts during the Cold War between the NATO bloc and the Warsaw Pact countries looks somewhat better, although, frankly, is also far from ideal. But the situation is gradually changing and we are faced with just such a game.

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Parkitect Taste of Adventure v1.5d - PLAZA

Parkitect Taste of Adventure Game Free Download Torrent
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Parkitect Taste of Adventure — is an economic simulation of an amusement park with simple graphics, but huge possibilities. Create a park with different attractions, watch your staff and the desires of visitors. Create the coolest and crazy roller coaster, invest in the development of the park, creating a real city, consisting of various attractions. For the successful functioning of the park, ambitions alone will not be enough! It is necessary as soon as possible to embody bold ideas into reality, but this will require money, staff, all kinds of swings, rooms of fear, extreme carousels, rest areas, restaurants with fast food and much more. All these need to be properly spent, and the developers have foreseen this nuance. At the very beginning of the game, the user starts not with an empty pocket.

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Winkeltje The Little Shop v4523 (upd.13.01.2020)

Winkeltje The Little Shop Game Free Download Torrent
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Winkeltje The Little Shop is a game that will send you back in time, where you will be engaged in the construction and comprehensive development of your store. Your task is to make your store as profitable as possible. Reaching this goal is not easy, because you have a big responsibility. You will become the owner of your own store and take control of all aspects of its activities, including the accounting of goods and the calculation of profits. You have to plan everything so that your store does not cause damage. New items or things you can buy or take from the merchants passing by your store. Try to fill your store with a variety of goods that visitors will definitely want to buy. You can arrange your goods on specially designated shelves, or indicate in the list on the board.

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The Executioner v1.4

The Executioner Game Free Download Torrent
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The Executioner is a text-based role-playing game 2019 for PC with the ability to have a good time and get acquainted with its new features. This time you have to take on the role of an investigator who was able to achieve high results in the Middle Ages. True, research and investigations have become not the main tool for obtaining information, but also torture, threats and blackmail. Any remedy is good when you need to knock out the truth! Therefore, if you can’t wait to get started, just download The Executioner torrent and you can start acting.

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Seeds of Resilience v1.0.12 - SKIDROW

Seeds of Resilience Game Free Download Torrent

Seeds of Resilience — a game representative of the strategy genre, where the elements of the sandbox also successfully found their place. Here you have to be in a bright and colorful world, which was replenished due to the development on an excellent engine. All actions will have a step-by-step basis, which is why you will be able to fully demonstrate all your tactical skills. You, by chance, get on an empty island, on which until this time no one lived. In your task will be to rebuild the settlement, which then for a long time to flourish and increase in scale. The idea will not be easy, but you can definitely handle it in two counts, if you will pay special attention to the development of your talents and skills during the course of the action. Here you will develop your possessions, taking control of all aspects of the activity.

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Human Simulator - PLAZA

Human Simulator Game Free Download Torrent

Human Simulator — meet the new and very funny human simulator, where the main character named Hugh Mann needs to know what human life is, we help you move your arms, legs and head so that they do not stand out from the total mass of violence. You don’t have to stand out, try to behave normally, and you can find out what human life is, how the world of people is arranged and what they really go about, try to save the world with your simplicity and ordinaryness. This game offers the player a lot of different tasks and tests that need to be completed, each new level of difficulty, brings more and more difficult quests. In fact, it’s difficult to be an ordinary person, no matter how simple it may seem.

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miniLAW Ministry of Law v1.0.2.0 (upd.13.01.2020)

miniLAW Ministry of Law Game Free Download Torrent
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miniLAW Ministry of Law is a game project, executed in a rather simple pixel style, but having an exciting gameplay with a variety of heroes and combat fights with opponents. This project was designed like an arcade platformer, where you go to battle with the most powerful rivals and their bosses. Go to the near future, where you have to play the role of the guard of law and order and protect the world from attack. You are an officer of the Ministry of Law, and your main task is to restore order on the streets of the criminal city. On your way you will meet quite a few difficulties, obstacles and dangers, but you will cope with all this if you show courage and ingenuity to the full. Your main problem is that the criminals have already managed to capture all areas of the city, so it will be quite difficult to reach the end point of your goal.

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Frontline Zed v1.21 (upd.13.01.2020) - CODEX

Frontline Zed Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Frontline Zed — Imagine that your favorite city can no longer sleep peacefully. Here everything turned into a real hell: dangerous zombies appeared that are ready at any moment to attack a person and eat him alive. They destroy everything in their path and try to dictate their rules. You have to play for the one who was able to create shelter from these creatures. The bunker does not allow monsters to go inside and defends the outpost.

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