Bunker 56 - TiNYiSO

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Bunker 56 is an adventure quest with an admixture of survival, a game in which you have to go to Bunker 56 and try to survive in it at the moment when something terrible happens on the surface. A nuclear apocalypse has happened and now all life is being destroyed on the surface at an incredible speed, a nuclear catastrophe has destroyed most of the world’s population, and you are one of those few lucky ones who managed to escape. But salvation in this game is only partial. Yes, you ended up in a bunker and escaped from radiation, but what to do next? How to survive? What is needed for this? This is what you learn during the passage of the game.

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Super Crush KO

Super Crush KO Game Free Download Torrent
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Super Crush KO — is a two-dimensional shoot-em-up platformer in which you have to battle numerous robots controlled by artificial intelligence, eager to capture the planet. The events of the game take place in the metropolis of the relatively near future. The world is engulfed in fire, artificial intelligence has gone out of control and is now trying to destroy the world and enslave humanity. Well, you’ll play for a girl who seems to be ordinary at first glance, that in all this turmoil she lost her beloved kitten and now went looking for him. True, searches do not promise to be easy. You have to go a long way and fight along the road with a bunch of enemies.

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Devil Threats v20200118 - CODEX

Devil Threats Game Free Download Torrent
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Devil Threats — several years ago, Professor Christopher worked on an important experiment that was almost impossible to accomplish. Things did not go as smoothly as he had hoped. An experiment involving several items failed and a friend named John betrayed him and made things worse. Shortly after the experiment, his daughter got lost, and 2 years later, he received a message that his daughter had written that she was in her grandfathers house and wanted to escape from there. After that, Christopher went on a journey to save his daughter

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Supraland v1.13.2 (upd.19.01.2020) - PLAZA

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Its singularity lies in the fact that the authors position the game as metro-identification and at the same time make it from the first person. In most cases, metro-dating is a 2D platformer with one big level that needs to be inspected, to search for how to open doors, to kill bosses. In doing so, all this is done in accordance with the nonlinear plot (nonlinearity, however, reduces to fork in most cases — in one very difficult, in another easier, in the third it is quite simple, but long, somehow). Here, we look at everything from the side, moving to the right and left, and our own eyes. Simply put, Supraland is a cross between Super Mario, Portal, Metroid and Zelda.

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SpaceBourne v1.4.8 - SKIDROW

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SpaceBourne is a fantastic RPG game where you have to go to an unusual world. As you progress you should pay special attention to the development of your skills and abilities in order to earn as fashionable more achievements. You have to conquer outer space, trying to explore each of its location in order to get as much useful items. The main goal is to deal with the enemy once and for all, and this will not be as easy as it may seem at first glance.

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China Maos legacy v1.3.1

China Maos legacy Game Free Download Torrent
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China Maos legacy is a very unusual strategic simulation game in which emphasis is placed on politics and the social order. China is waiting for you in 1976, the power and heritage of Mao Zedong. In the story, Mao Zedong is already sick and old, and is about to leave his post. But only recently the Cultural Revolution has thundered and the people are eager for change. Very difficult times are coming, and it is now that the fate of the whole People’s Republic of China will be decided.

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