Everspace 2 Build 200121 (Prototype)

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Everspace 2 is a shooter that plunges into the depths of all outer space. The game provides a completely free world, as well as the ability to extract resources. This is still combined with role-playing. The user expects an incredible story that will tell about outer space from a completely new perspective. Unforgettable adventures are perfectly combined with danger, so you need to be as careful as you progress. The storyline will bring the player with interesting characters that will help in the further passage of missions and tasks in difficult conditions.

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Papercraft upd.21.01.2020

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Papercraft — is a very unusual game for PC in which you have to fight in numerous arenas with different characters, win and pump. What’s even cooler is the gameplay itself. In Papercraft, you will find numerous adventures in the paper world, battles with a variety of characters, a sea of skills and abilities, thoughtful dialogs and more. Moreover, every time you start the game again. You will be waiting for new enemies, new maps, treasures, bonuses and abilities. In this game, everything is based on random and procedural generation.

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Lornsword Winter Chronicle v1.3.6601 - PLAZA

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Ex-specialists of Creative Assembly, gathered under the banner of the Tower Five studio, recently announced the release of their debut project, Lornsword Winter Chronicle, on Steam Early Access. This is a mixture of strategy and action — of course, in fantasy scenery. In the earlier version, only the prologue and the first chapter are available. The second and third will appear before the end of the year, then the project will come to PS4 and Xbox One. One of its features is a «coop» for two participants. In fairness, we note that the Tower Five leadership did not work on the «big» Total War — only on Total War Battles: Kingdom and Total War Battles: Shogun. The soundtrack for the game was composed by the Hungarian composer Thomas Adam Habuda (Heroes of Newerth).

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Battle Royale Bootcamp v21.01.2020 - DARKZER0

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Battle Royale Bootcamp is a very unusual first-person shooter game created by developers especially for people who like the Battle Royale genre, but at the same time can not get into the lead. The essence of this game is primarily to train reflexes, reactions, and other equally important aspects. Here you can shoot from a variety of weapons, enjoy battles with opponents in large numbers, wander around locations, learn how to quickly respond to attacks and more. In this case, you will find a sea of ​​weapons, different maps and more.

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Path of Zen - PLAZA

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Path of Zen — if your real world is full of problems and constant worries, you want to take a break from all this, or you have a big choice, just download this game, start the game process, put on your headphones and just have fun. This is a unique game that will allow you to penetrate the world of meditation and stability within you. There is nothing to upset you, just a huge beautiful and green park, fresh air and forest paths. You have the opportunity to pry this park completely, walk along trails, listen to the sound of birds, look for hidden locations. This game has a lot of different animals and plants. It motivates you to engage in calming the soul through meditation. By playing this game, you will increase your resistance to external factors, train your ability to withstand stress and increase your own well-being to a new level.

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The Long Dark v1.71 (Wintermute Episode 3) - PLAZA

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The Long Dark is a new simulator of survival in severe winter conditions. You play as pilot Willy McKenzie, who is crashed because of a strange geomagnetic storm in the endless forests of Northern Canada. Now your main task is to survive as long as possible, and to do this, explore the surrounding area, find and use various items for survival, hide from the cold and night predators, create a shelter and try to find at least a little food. The world that is familiar to you no longer exists, a strange magnetic storm destroyed all electronics and now humanity is struggling for survival. In the game you often have to make moral decisions, because being kind is dangerous for life, and meeting with the other survivors is deadly. What are you going to do? Are you ready to fight for your life? Can you last at least a day in harsh conditions? Do not know? Then you can try it in The Long Dark.

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Mutant Football League v20.01.2020 + DLC - PLAZA

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Designed by Digital Dreams Entertainment, you can download the Mutant Football League torrent on the PC today, the game is the spiritual successor to the 1993 game of the same name released on the Sega Mega Drive. The nuclear war, which occurred a few years before the events presented in the game, led to the disappearance of the majority of the population. To further aggravate the situation, the cataclysm caused dead bodies to rise from their graves, demons to leave their underground lairs and living creatures to mutate. New inhabitants of the planet have not abandoned many forms of entertainment, including the title Mutant Football League — a parody of American football.

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