Omnibion War v20200206 - PLAZA

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3D shooter game Omnibion War created for real gamers. Thanks to the high quality graphics, cool design, sound effects, you plunge headlong into the exciting world of battles for the galaxy. You have a difficult task — to help your hero defeat all enemies. Your player’s rivals are the Infernal Racers who create chaos, a mess in the galaxy. Your hero is a first-class pilot Jaden from the Ikarus team. He will move in the game on a warship, which can easily be transformed into a combat robot at the right time. Your spaceship, which knows how to turn into a warrior for battles with enemy racers, is the best creation of mankind. You must use all possible forces of your spaceship, this will help you get the victory.

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Kunai v1.0.2 - GOG

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Kunai is a subway-style game where we play the main role as Tabba, a robot with the soul of an ancient ninja warrior. The world depicted in the game was almost completely destroyed. The human race is almost extinct, and robots dominate the world. The player plays for one of them Tobby, who is associated with the soul of an ancient warrior. He goes on a journey whose purpose is to find out the meaning of existence. The player moves around the world in the same way as in platforming games. However, unlike games of this type, a player cannot rely solely on his skill. In this case, the passage of the following stages will also depend on your abilities and equipment.

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Children Of Morta v1.1.37 (Shrine of Challenge) - PLAZA

Children Of Morta Game Free Download Torrent
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Children of Morta is an exciting bagel with a wide variety of characters and unmatched pixel animation. The plot tells about the strong Bergson family, who were elected to protect the mystical mountains of Mort. Generations were replaced, but the hill, as before, retained its attractiveness and many secrets. But nothing can last forever and poison leaked into the bowels of the mountain, turning the fragrant «oasis» into a kingdom of darkness and bloodthirsty monsters. Role-playing action, made in pixel art style, from indie developers Dead Mage. The game tells the story of the Bergson family, which for several generations are the guardians of the cursed Morta Mountain. A long time ago, a once peaceful mountain appeared spoilage, which turned the surrounding area into the abode of cruel monsters and demons. You have to save the world and protect your family from impending danger.

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Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 The Crystal Menhir v1.59 - Razor1911

Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 The Crystal Menhir Game Free Download Torrent
Razor1911 Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 The Crystal Menhir — the continuation of the amazing adventures of Asterix, Obelix and their friends. All the same fifties BC, all the same power of the great Roman Empire, which has opened its tentacles in all directions and is still the only village that the Romans have not been able to conquer for years. In between, when the brave Galas do not distribute cuffs to the Romans, they lead the same habitual, dimensional life, as if there was no war at all. However, one day a strange letter arrives to the village druid Getafix. Athena Gadnir, High Priestess of Thule, says that their village is in danger and it is time to get the ancient Mengir artifact. It is here that the adventures of the heroes so familiar to us begin — Asterix and Obelix. The game is available in cooperative mode, so you can travel twice as much fun.

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Devil May Cry 5 v06.02.2020 + All DLC - CODEX

Devil May Cry 5 Game Free Download Torrent
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Perhaps the most interesting and long-awaited event of the E3 conference was the announcement of the game Devil May Cry 5. Yes, finally it happened and now the fans with great impatience can wait for the continuation of the grand game that will be the beginning of new events. The fact is that this game part will become a direct offer of Devil May Cry 4 and will tell the further story of Nero and Dante, who has become even more mature. Although the assurances of the developers, this time the story of the game will be very personal for Dante and the story will surprise even the most ardent fans.

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Blazing Beaks v1.1.0.11

Blazing Beaks Game Free Download Torrent
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Blazing Beaks is a pixel bagel with fairly high complexity. The game is designed for co-flow behind a single computer. Take a friend and go on dangerous adventures in which you will fight with various monsters. The game consists of small locations with random generation. After you have cleared the level of monsters, you can proceed to the next one. Beautiful pixel bagel, in which, playing for various bird characters, you will fight with the most terrible monsters. In addition to the story campaign, designed for 1-2 players, you will find several modes in which locally, on the same computer, you can have fun with friends.

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Road Redemption v20200206 (Revengers Assemble) - CODEX

Road Redemption Game Free Download Torrent
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Road Redemption is an advanced motorcycle racing simulator in which you do not just need to get to the finish line first, but also enter into an open battle with other racers. The presence of a variety of weapons adds an unprecedented drive game, now maneuvering between cars and other obstacles, you will try to destroy other riders with different weapons. Of course, your rivals will do anything to dump you from your iron horse as soon as possible. You play as a character who spent 8 years in a federal prison and now wants to create his motorcycle club, but for this he will have to prove to everyone that he deserves it. Start with a simple rider and create your own gang of riders, which will bring you money and compete with other gangs. With the money you will be able to buy equipment, helmets, weapons and, of course, new motorcycles.

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Broke Protocol v1.03 - SKIDROW

Broke Protocol Game Free Download Torrent

Broke Protocol is a multiplayer sandbox with voxel graphics, in which hitting a huge city, you can do whatever you want. Create your character and go look for adventure. You can become a law-abiding citizen, find a job and not have any problems with law and order, but you can also rob and kill or, for example, become a policeman who will neutralize crime. Also in Broke Protocol there is also a single mode.​

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Oxygen Not Included v393356 (upd.06.02.2020) - CODEX

Oxygen Not Included Game Free Download Torrent
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What a telling name — Oxygen Not Included. Not only is not included — it also requires a gamer to obtain water and food, take care of heating. It’s easy to guess that the actions take place in outer space, namely, in the dungeons of an asteroid, which it is decided to populate with people. They are here, like everything else, they look funny. Observe the actions of the characters, or rather manage them, to the side.

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God Eater 3 v2.40 - CODEX

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One of the most anticipated games of this year was a toy called God Eater 3 PC, which is developed by the same studio «Namco Bandai». Ahead of the players are waiting again for great adventures, dynamic battles, and a sea of blood. Being a continuation of the series of games, loved by many, the third part absorbed itself a lot from its predecessors, but at the same time it gained a lot of new things. So, in the third part there will be a huge number of new types of weapons, both cold and firearms, and energy weapons. For example, there was a two-handed new sword, called «Edge God Arc», with which players can do more damage. And there is a «Ray Gun», causing at times more damage when it hits the enemy’s vulnerable points. But this is still not a complete list of what God Eater 3 torrent is for the first opportunity for every fan of the genre and the series without exception.

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