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Contagion — is a co-op zombie shooter. To understand what kind of product is in front of us, the easiest way is to compare it with the Left 4 Dead series. Here, as in the L4D, a team of four-player players has to survive during the zombie apocalypse using various weapons, grenades, etc., which can help them last as long as possible. The game was created by Monochrome LLC, the fundraising was carried out on crowdfunding platform game Kickstarter, where they managed to collect an impressive amount and bring their project to mind.

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Macrotis A Mothers Journey v1.3.0 + Anniversary - CODEX

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Macrotis A Mothers Journey — embark on this deeply emotional journey, like Mother Bilby, and save your beloved children who have been separated from you because of the terrible flood caused by the endless rain. Rise, jump, and nibble your way underground in Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey, a 2.5D puzzle-platformer. Solve challenging puzzles, interacting with a beautiful but dangerous world, while avoiding deadly traps that can immediately complete the adventure.

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Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls - DARKSiDERS

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Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls — classic turn-based RPG game in FPP mode. Labyrinth of Lost Souls is one of the Japanese by-products launched in 1981 by the Wizardry series, which helped shape the role-playing computer genre. Players were given five races and eight basic character classes, the capabilities of which, along with their development, are enriched by additional professions. Each character describes both statistics and character, good, bad, neutral. Our team can introduce up to six heroes whom we will create and use in the city.

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