Femida - HOODLUM

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Femida — is a judge simulator game in an anti-utopian state that is undergoing a stage of perestroika from totalitarianism to a republican system of government. If you like to play detective adventure games, with excellent implementation, where you need to think about each decision, then for you there are two levels, this is the main work and all the functions of a judge, and in addition to this, you will investigate the incident that occurred with your father. The judge’s work was not recreated one hundred percent realistically, this was done on purpose, because why do you need to complicate life too much with all the subtleties, enough basic functions for maximum fun. To answer from work, you will have a quest to investigate your father’s story.

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Genesis Alpha One v25.02.2020 (Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

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The game Genesis Alpha One — contains a number of tasks and riddles that need to be solved. The user can conquer several planets at once. The player will have to create space stations that will ship humanity to other planets for their settling. The game has elements of strategy that make it even more exciting. It will also be necessary to defend against various enemies attacking in unexpected moments. You need to give a fitting rebuff to your future enemies. Developed «Radiation Blue» toy called «Genesis Alpha One», this is a space travel simulator with a mixture of designer and action, in which players are invited to go in search of a new home.

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The Void of Desires upd.25.02.2020 - PLAZA

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The Void of Desires is a very difficult side-view platformer, a game in which you have to go through numerous levels, explore a mysterious temple, and fight your fears. The events of the game take place in a universe in which, according to rumors, there is a certain temple in which any desire of a person who finds it can supposedly be fulfilled. But so far no one could find him. However, there were two who managed to do this. Their planets were destroyed by a god-like creature, after which they wandered around the vast expanses of space for a long time and finally found that temple. But this has not ended yet — now you need to penetrate the very heart of this temple, and you just have to help them in this.

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The House in the Forest - PLAZA

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The House in the Forest a game with elements of adventure and walking, has a first-person view and beautiful graphics. The game starts from the moment you walk the line, it is the sounds of nature, a stream flows, the shadow of trees falls, and you meet a beautiful white and new house on your way. In your gameplay, you will have the opportunity to walk around the house, open doors, explore the location, read notes, diaries and half-gradually find out whose house it is. Here is a very realistic habitat, you and your family will feel in lonely silence and calm.

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Spaceland v1.1.5.78

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Spaceland is a sci-fi tactical strategy game. You have to take control of a squad of space racers to set off to explore an unfamiliar planet. After landing, the team begins to be constantly attacked by the local race of monstrous creatures who are trying to destroy the earthlings. You must make every effort to build your own base and clear the territory from alien monsters.

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The Surge 2 The Kraken Build 40400 - CODEX

The Surge 2 The Kraken Game Free Download Torrent
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In the Kraken DLC, the authors will add many hours of new content to the game The Surge 2, including the storyline and location, which is a retro-styled suburban environment. Also in addition players are waiting for new opponents and a boss with unique combat mechanics, weapons, implants and armor. According to the plot of The Kraken, players will have to go to the outskirts of Jericho and uncover the truth of Krakow — a decommissioned aircraft carrier that was converted as a refuge for the rich and famous. On board a warship, you are waiting for pirate robots and failed security systems.

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The Surge 2 Build 40400 (upd.25.02.2020) + DLC - CODEX

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The Surge 2 — the continuation of an amazing shooter, which gained enormous popularity. As far as we know, he is made in the style of cyberpunk and he manages to attract the attention of millions of people. I would like to note that here the developers decided to combine the role category with a shooter. Fight monsters, go through numerous tasks and much more. It so happened that monsters and zombies appeared in our world, we will have to somehow fight with them. Try to prove yourself that no one will defeat you. Destroy the fierce creatures with the help of unique features, various weapons and some other amazing things. We hope that you will succeed.

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Hearts of Iron IV La Resistance - HOODLUM

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Hearts of Iron IV La Resistance is an interesting addition to an exciting strategy. The action takes place in real time. An updated espionage system is added to the game. You will have the opportunity to engage in the destruction of enemies from the inside. To do this, you just need to send secret agents to the rear. They will be able to arrange various sabotage. You can also expand the network of informants and start creating a whole secret army. The novelty appeared tricks for the Vichy regime and France, as well as for the nationalists of Spain and the Republicans. In one of the states, a puppet comes to power.

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Lakeview Valley v1.2.6 (upd.25.02.2020)

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Lakeview Valley — we present to your attention a very bright and fascinating role-playing project in the adventure genre, the events of which will take us to a small American town. Everything here takes its course people work, study, develop and create families, but at the same time, each of them has their own skeleton in a closet that they want to forget about. In the role of the protagonist of the game, you have to act in the person of an ordinary guy who is a local resident of this town. Here you will not have any restrictions at all, so you can safely do whatever you want. For example, you can take the side of goodness, so you can do good deeds, and help people. Or vice versa, you can become cruel, greedy and ruthless. Separately, it is worth noting the pixel retro graphics of old games.

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Hurtworld v1.0.0.6

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In the summer of 2015, the gaming company Bankroll Studios unveiled the release of a new computer game for survival in the cooperative mode of Hurtworld. Even at the moment of appearance of the test version, the project was very liked by the players, who expressed a lot of positive feedback. It is compared to games like 7 Days to Die, or Rust. The game is powerful graphics, the story line can be called non-trivial. We offer everyone who wants to download Hurtworld torrent, and enjoy the gameplay to the fullest.

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