Batbarian Testament of the Primordials v0.8.6 (upd.25.03.2020)

Batbarian Testament of the Primordials Game Free Download Torrent
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Batbarian Testament of the Primordials — is a mix of action-adventure and platforming with puzzles, a game in which you will have to go with the mighty barbarian into deep caves and try to find untold riches there. treasures, and the source of exorbitant Evil. The events of the game begin to occur at the very moment when the main character, a powerful barbarian, sets off into the depths of a dark cave. there, somewhere at the depths of the tunnels, a mighty Evil is hiding, generating a wide variety of creatures, and there are also countless riches and treasures. So try to get to them. But be careful. This place is dangerous, it is teeming with treacherous enemies, full of traps and dangers, and not only.

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The Equinox Hunt

The Equinox Hunt Game Free Download Torrent
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The Equinox Hunt — is a hardcore adventure game with horror elements, where you go to the gloomy world and try to cope with the obstacles that he has prepared for you. Take on the role of the protagonist, who was in a terrible and life-threatening situation. The thing is that in the world there is a powerful cult of madmen who intend to turn you into a real victim of their games. Your task is to behave as quietly as possible, hiding from the pursuit.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution - Goldberg

Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution Game Free Download Torrent
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Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution — the plot of the new incarnation Yu-Gi-Oh tells several stories at once loosely connected. In the form of a small linear short story there are presented short episodes from the life of the main characters, so short that anime fans are severely indignant. And indeed, creations over the years have been reduced to a couple of dozen lines, providing mediocre backdrops and the lack of voice acting. The villains came out very quite kind and linear, without a detailed study, and sometimes even without the incentive to villain.

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Victory Road v0.9c6 (upd.25.03.2020)

Victory Road Game Free Download Torrent
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Victory Road — this is a great boxing simulator, which is a mix of such genres as strategy and fighting game. This game will allow you to feel like a coach, at the beginning you are given a choice of several boxers. In the future, you need to make your choice and lead your boxer to victory. Your main task is to conduct training on time, to prepare your boxer for the future of the fight, and also monitor his nutrition. In a word, the future of a boxer depends on you whether he can become a champion. That is, from the right training and balanced nutrition, depends on how he will fight in the ring. You can also change the equipment of the future champion, as well as adjust the technique of warfare. The graphics in the game are made in the classic version, these are pixel characters and the like. Each new fight gives a unique experience to your boxer, even negative.

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Amid Evil Build 2055 - PLAZA

Amid Evil Game Free Download Torrent
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Amid Evil — is a retro-styled first-person shooter created using the Unreal Engine 4. You are the new Champion to fight in a fictional world against demons and monsters that have captured everything in the area. Complete 7 different episodes, each of which contains a variety of weapons, enemies and location design. The developers said that the game will even pull on the toaster, which is why performance problems on the PC will definitely never arise.

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TheoTown v1.8.30p

TheoTown Game Free Download Torrent
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TheoTown is a very cool urban simulation game for PC in which players are invited to participate in the construction of a huge city. Dozens of interesting objects, tasks, tests and more are waiting for you. You have to start small. First you will have to choose the location on which you will build the city, then the complexity, depending on which the starting money amount in your account will vary, and then you will have to start construction. But do not rush to build residential buildings and skyscrapers, because they will be empty until you provide the city and its inhabitants with work and everything necessary.

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Secret House - DARKSiDERS

Secret House Game Free Download Torrent

Secret House — take one of more than thirty inventory in your hands, and go ahead in search of monsters. This is not a completely unique, but very well thought out and implemented PC game on the subject of horror survival, in a confined space, in the game there are three different rooms that are filled with riddles, and there is also one quest room. Monsters in the game are implemented very realistically and have differences from each other, there are only four of them. First-person view in this game, this will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and see everything in almost real size. As soon as the game is launched, the player will be offered to get acquainted with the purpose and functions of the keys on the keyboard and mouse, as well as the main moments.

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City Game Studio v0.30.2 (upd.25.03.2020)

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City Game Studio will make you the real head of a company that develops computer games. Your hands will write the history of the development of the company, which will be based somewhere in a small garage. Further, when like-minded people who are ready for some time to work for an idea join you, you can get an office and work in a team. You have to start your game development path back in 1975.

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Darksiders Genesis v1.04 (36978) - GOG

Darksiders Genesis Game Free Download Torrent
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GOG version of game Darksiders Genesis — so the moment has come when the final story of the great Darksiders series will come to an end. We already managed to meet three horsemen who bravely fought with their enemies and achieved a good result, now it is time for Discord — the fourth rider who will put an end to all chaos. We have to fight again with the demons who received the support of Lucifer himself.

This game has been updated 25-03-2020, 11:45 to the latest version v1.04 (36978).

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