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The Foundation is the first addition to the adventure game Control, offering additional missions, locations, opponents and game mechanics. DLC was prepared by Remedy Entertainment by the authors of the basic version of the game. At Control The Foundation, we play again as Jesse Faden. The plot of the add-on focuses on trying to find the missing board member Helen Marshall, who disappeared during the events presented in the main game. Helen was commissioned by Zachary Trench of the late predecessor Jesse, former director of the Federal Bureau of Control. New locations for study, access to which can be obtained only after the completion of the main plot.

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Control v1.09 + DLC - CODEX

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Become a participant in an investigation of events that will answer many questions and help to uncover a chain of mysterious crimes. The game Control for PC is an exciting adventure that you can pass along with your heroine. Jesse Feydens was appointed director of an organization called the Federal Bureau of Control shortly after the assassination of his previous chapter. Now the girl must deal with the situation and take power into her own hands. Due to some circumstances, the Bureau building itself was under the control of an alien civilization, which became known as Sizzling. In the process of his own investigation, Jesse will face the fierce resistance of this extraterrestrial race and finds out about her experiments on people.

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BloodLust 2 Nemesis v1.0 - CODEX

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BloodLust 2 Nemesis — RPG with elements of dungeon crawler, which is a continuation of BloodLust Shadowhunter. In the new part you have to explore the dark underground world of the forgotten society of vampires and their orders, and also try to unravel the secrets of their scientifically developed force transmitted through the genealogy. Play as a vampire man or woman by choosing one of the three available classes Witch, Warrior or Thief, and go on a journey through the gloomy dungeons in search of great evil.

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Elden Path of the Forgotten upd.26.03.2020 (demo)

Elden Path of the Forgotten Game Free Download Torrent
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Elden Path of the Forgotten — is a two-dimensional, action-packed top-of-the-line, dynamic role-playing game in which you have to fight monsters, travel, explore the environment, and survive. The game takes place in an unusual fantasy world, inspired by the works of Lovecraft. Monsters, terrible creatures, and Evil live here. Well, you, as the most ordinary girl, will have to go on a long and dangerous journey through this unfriendly world, which needs to save its mother at all costs. But it will not be easy to do. Firstly, the journey itself will be very long. Secondly, dangers will await you at every step. And thirdly, many events will await you that will shed light on this world and everything that happens in it.

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Duster upd.26.03.2020 (demo)

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Duster — is a mixture of a role-playing game and a steampunk-style bagel, a game in which you go to the open spaces of an alternative version of the Wild West and look for the richest mine in the world. The events of the game take place on the expanses of the steampunk Wild West, where according to rumors there is a certain mine in which the largest and most luxurious riches of the local world are collected. Well, you will play the role of a certain treasure seeker, who just the very same desire to try to find this mine. But it will not be easy to do. The world here is overflowing with dangers and various enemies, and you will have to survive in its open spaces in every possible way until you are ready to conquer the very mine.

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Recompile upd.26.03.2020 (demo)

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Recompile is a very cool and atmospheric third-person platformer in which you have to battle numerous programs in the role of digital artificial intelligence, eager to avoid deletion. The game takes place in a digital cyber world called the Mainframe. And the plot revolves around some kind of artificial intelligence, a program that wants to avoid total deletion at all costs. That’s just to make it will not be so simple. We’ll have to fight, survive, pump over, discover more and more new abilities, and do much, much more. In general, you definitely won’t be bored.

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Filament upd.26.03.2020 (demo)

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Filament — is a Sci-Fi puzzle game with a touch of quest, a game in which you have to go on a spaceship drifting in open space and do a complex and mysterious investigation. The events of the game begin to occur at the very moment when the main character is on a spaceship drifting somewhere in the orbit of another unknown planet. Nobody knows what happened here, but the entire crew of the ship disappeared somewhere, and now you need to find out at all costs what happened and where everything went. But to do this will be very, very difficult.

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KATANA KAMI A Way of the Samurai Story v20200326 - CODEX

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KATANA KAMI A Way of the Samurai Story is a continuation and spin-off of the Way of the Samurai series developed by Acquire. The game represents the hacknslash genre, so lovers of this genre and samurai themes. The game will send us to an alternative version of feudal Japan. The game tells the story of a blacksmith living near a pine tree, which is the gateway to another world. When the man was unable to pay his debts, his daughter was abducted. Suddenly, a strange samurai approached him with an offer to help him. We play as a mysterious warrior, and our task is to raise money and buy a girl who requires hard work in the workshop.

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Elderborn v26.03.2020 (Update 2) + Hotfix - CODEX

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Elderborn is a crazy, hurricane, fast and emotional slasher with a first-person view and heavy metal musical accompaniment, in which you have to go to a fantasy world full of battles and the dead, and saturated with the blood of heroes. In the story, you as a mysterious hero will find yourself in the heart of the most dangerous dungeons, teeming with skeletons and the dead, creatures of Hell and bloodthirsty monsters, and now you need to survive and get out of here by all means. But this will not be easy to do, because, firstly, you will need to first defeat the main instigator of this «lawlessness», and then find the way back.

This game has been updated 26-03-2020, 17:14 to the latest version v26.03.2020 (Update 2) + Hotfix.

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Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor v1.13.0-f7 - CODEX

Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor Game Free Download Torrent

Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor — an addition to the urban simulator Cities Skylines. It adds to the fishing industry, new forms of public transport and urban services. Residents of the city will be able to fly their own planes and helicopters. Five new maps will appear with the possibility of developing infrastructure for fishing. Five more new maps will now be available for city building. And where the sea is, there is fish, so a new fishing industry comes into play. It includes both fishing cooperatives and fish farms.

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