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Wizard of Legend is an adventure action from the company Contingent99, where you have to try on the role of the aspiring magician. The Council of Magic holds a meeting of magicians every year at the same time in the kingdom of Lanov. Participants who successfully perform all tasks and demonstrate excellent sorcery, get the right to become the Wizard of the legend! Collect valuable relics and spells and create your own magical arsenal.

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Industries of Titan v0.1.10.7 (upd.16.05.2020)

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Industries of Titan — is an interesting urban development game that will give unforgettable emotions to all gamers. Here you can build your empire, using all the provided tools and options. The action takes place on Titan, which is the satellite of Saturn. You have to pick up a certain territory and resources for construction. But keep in mind that there will be other participants who want to fight for power, authority and natural blessings. Will have to fight and defend their interests and property.

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Forts v2020.04.19a

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Computer game Forts refers to strategies with 2D graphics, and offers all users to plunge into the reflections. You have to plan the plan and implement it on the battlefield. The developers paid special attention to the physics engine, therefore, consider this. In order to achieve your goals and realize your ideas, you will build an indestructible fleet. Keep track of time. Remember that your enemies do not slumber, and they want to do everything you need to win before you do it. Speed and tactics are important here.

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PixARK v1.97 (upd.16.05.2020) + DLC

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The action PixARK takes place in the universe of ARK Survival Evolved. The game stands out voxel style — all characters, buildings and monsters consist of a huge number of blocks. A kind of a mixture of «Arch» and «Meincraft.» As in many other projects to survive in the open world, PixARK offers to create its own unique hero (promise an advanced development system), build a dwelling and other buildings, unite with other players and go to perform various tasks in procedurally generated worlds. However, there will be a single-player campaign in PixArk. Developers have worked over 100 unusual creatures, which can be tamed and used as mounts.

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