There Is No Light upd.17.05.2020 (demo)

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There Is No Light — what would you do if the world plunged into the abyss of chaos, darkness and total destruction. Surely you would go to fight and try to rectify the situation. So our hero decided to challenge the darkness, however, the further he moved, the more he learned about the situation and the more he wanted to leave this world. You have to go through hell, which broke out and destroyed all life. And for what reason did this happen, and why in a sense did the demons take the right step? You will learn about this personally.

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Green Project upd.17.05.2020

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Green Project — is a quality survival simulator. The plot tells the story of an astronaut who had to spend three hundred years in Earth orbit in a ship inside a cryogenic chamber. When it came time to return back, it was discovered that a fungus had spread on Earth that destroyed all life. Caught in complete solitude, the main character now has to survive on the deserted expanses of the planet. To stay alive, he will need the help of a player. Together with him, the character will acquire resources, equip a shelter and fight all sorts of difficulties.

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Unto The End upd.17.05.2020 (demo)

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In the adventure platform game Unto The End, the user has to go on an exciting journey. The main character survived the death of his family, which was brutally destroyed. Now the main goal of his life was revenge on the one who took everything from him. The events of the game take place in the fortress of Valfiris, where the main character returns to find out the terrible truth. After receiving the news that turned his whole life upside down, the warrior Therion vowed to destroy the monster that had brutally cracked down on his family.

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Ancient Enemy v1.02 (upd.17.05.2020)

Ancient Enemy Game Free Download Torrent
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Studio Gray Alien Games, known for Regency Solitaire and last year’s Shadowhand, presented its new project. This is the strategic role-playing card game Ancient Enemy. Its creation involves Big Robot founder Jim Rossignol Sir, You Are Being Hunted and illustrator Jen Pattison Quest for Infamy. Supports developers studio Bithell Games, who created Thomas Was Alone. Awakened from a centuries-old dream, the fallen magician returns to war with distorted folklore opponents in the ghostly world. Its ultimate goal is a nameless terrible adversary, patiently waiting in the monstrous dark citadel of his Ancient Enemy. In preparation for the decisive battle, players will collect cards, capture enemy bases, hire thugs and use magic in turn-based card battles.

This game has been updated 17-05-2020, 13:36 to the latest version v1.02 (upd.17.05.2020).

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Starport Delta v1.0.15 (upd.17.05.2020) - CODEX

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The Starport Delta game project for pc is a pretty entertaining tactical game in real time. Here you will have to hone competent control over resources, establish management of your own base, engage in construction processes, develop modifications, improve and maintain everything that is at your disposal. But do not forget about the local population, which also has its own needs. The developers have focused on monitoring the processes that occur in the database, but you also need to monitor the events taking place in space, because they are fraught with many difficulties. Your own station can be improved to an unimaginable scale, which is what you have to do.

This game has been updated 17-05-2020, 13:28 to the latest version v1.0.15 (upd.17.05.2020).

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Chasing Light - PLAZA

Chasing Light Game Free Download Torrent

Project Chasing Light — is an unusual adventure simulator with an incredible atmosphere. In this game you can plunge into a seven-day journey, during which you can explore various physical properties and uncover the secrets of the inner world of people. This entertainment will provide you with a completely different experience that you have never experienced before — it tries to disassemble and revolutionize the gaming industry. Using their creations, the developers tried to prove that games can also be considered a manifestation of art.

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Someday You'll Return v1.2 (upd.17.05.2020) - CODEX

Someday You'll Return Game Free Download Torrent
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Someday You’ll Return — is a very difficult quest with an admixture of role-playing, survival and horror, in which you will have to go to the Czech Republic in the role of Daniel, the father who lost his daughter. What would you do in person if your daughter ran away from you for no reason? In the same way, the hero of this game, Daniel, went after his daughter. The tracks lead to the ancient forests of South Moravia, where the main character promised himself never to return. But what connects his past with this locality, why is he so afraid of it, and why exactly did his daughter go here? You will have to look for answers to all these questions in this game.

This game has been updated 17-05-2020, 13:32 to the latest version v1.2 (upd.17.05.2020).

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Outta Gas v1.0.4 (upd.17.05.2020)

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Outta Gas — and again the topic of post-apocalypse haunts the minds of developers. Here is a fun game in a very bright design with elements of RPG and survival. There are many monsters, as well as a system of destruction and trauma to enemies. Explore a unique world and try to survive as soon as possible. Otherwise, this game is a typical role-playing apocalyptic game, with random events, an intriguing non-linear plot, adventures, monsters, hundreds of loot items, dozens of weapons, and many, many others.

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Shoujo City v1.0 (upd.17.05.2020)

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Shoujo City — here is a unique dating simulator Shoujo City 3D. All events take place in the city of Tokyo, of course in a virtual one. Your character is a young attractive girl. She loves to walk around the city, make purchases, have fun, just explore the city streets and surroundings and, of course, go on dates. The game has no ultimate goal. You can have fun as much as you like. Walk the streets, visit shops, cafes and restaurants, meet new game characters, make friends with them, and maybe love. Play machines in a specialized hall, change your appearance, buy food or cook it yourself, live an interesting and eventful life.

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Landlords Super v0.003.00 (upd.17.05.2020)

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Landlords Super — take a loan, build your own pub and celebrate its opening along with customers. Landlords Super combines elements of a construction simulator and a manager, players will first have to build a building, literally, interfere with cement, lay bricks and roof, then equip the establishment and open it, waiting for the influx of customers who want to skip a pint or two it’s still England, with the corresponding her color.

This game has been updated 17-05-2020, 07:34 to the latest version v0.003.00 (upd.17.05.2020).

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