Machina of the Planet Tree Unity Unions - DARKSiDERS

Machina of the Planet Tree Unity Unions Game Free Download Torrent

Machina of the Planet Tree Unity Unions — new game for PC from the developer Machina Tree Planet Tree Planet Ruler comes the next release in the series, Unity Unions. A young jeweler girl must destroy a great evil that is gradually awakening. The main character is an impulsive young girl who is preparing to become a jeweler. She is the daughter of Aurelia Megistos, an influential court jeweler who went missing 10 years ago. Despite the lack of experience, the Crown is a stubborn person who is always ready to help those who need her. The secret, known as Machina, has the ability to create minions. He appears before the Crown when she synthesizes a gem left by her mother. Despite his restraint, he does everything he can to support the Crown on her journey, but how is he related to Crown’s mother, Aurelia? You have to find out.

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Edge Of Eternity upd.18.05.2020 (Chapter 5) - SKIDROW

Edge Of Eternity Game Free Download Torrent

Edge of Eternity — is a game that was presented to us by developers from Midgar Studio, who said that the fundraising company was over, and it turned out to be quite successful. Now the developers are going to actively engage in their gaming projects and will soon release it on various gaming platforms and first of all on the PC. Edge of Eternity is a typical jRPG with a great storyline and beautiful surroundings. True, there is one difference from other similar games — this game project is developed not by the Japanese, but only by fans of this genre. Therefore, it will be quite interesting to see what they will do. Edge of Eternity is a story about how three peaceful, fantastic cities lived in the world and fed on the energy of crystals.

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LIT Bend the Light upd.18.05.2020

LIT Bend the Light Game Free Download Torrent
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LIT Bend the Light — is a two-dimensional game project developed in the puzzle genre, where you will plunge into an unusual world with special physical laws. The gameplay is quite entertaining, and the graphics are well thought out, which will definitely please fans of the genre. You will find yourself in the vastness of the world, which has prepared quite a few tests, will lead you through light and darkness, and will also encounter rather complicated and intricate puzzles. Show your ingenuity and logical thinking in order to achieve success in a difficult mission.

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Sword and Adventurer upd.18.05.2020

Sword and Adventurer Game Free Download Torrent
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Sword and Adventurer — is an adventure action role-playing game where we have to take on one of the three main characters. We are offered a choice of a warrior, mage or shooter. Defeat monsters, collect the best equipment, and pump your character to the maximum. Monsters threaten peace in the city. In the tower are hiding demons who are plotting the conquest of the world. Girl with a magic sword — enemy or friend. Three heroes with a variety of abilities, a wide range of skills and equipment will bring you amazing adventures. Sword and Adventurer is a 3D Action-RPG in which you can choose one of three heroes: warrior, thief and mage. They all have different skills. Defeat the monsters to get equipment, upgrade your character, defeat the demon king and save the city.

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Astoria Legends v4 demo (upd.18.05.2020)

Astoria Legends Game Free Download Torrent
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Astoria Legends — is a very fast, dynamic adventure game in the Hack’n’Slash genre in which you have to take control of a warrior and go into a series of battles with the minions of the Gods. The game takes place in an unusual fantasy world in which the tyranny of the Old Gods has reached such an extent that the mortals themselves have declared war on the Gods. Well, here you will play the role of Cybele, the warrior girl who once led the ranks of the rebels, and now she is fighting the followers and henchmen of the ancient Gods with the sole purpose of freeing the world and starting a new era in which mortals will already be free from the Gods.

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Ghostrunner upd.18.05.2020 (demo)

Ghostrunner Game Free Download Torrent
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The theme of cyberpunk is gaining momentum and is gradually expanding the base of various entertainments. Ghostrunner is a fascinating adventure in which the main character will be a person equipped with various robotic technologies. The story of the game begins on the roof, where the main character comes to his senses and begins the journey. It gradually becomes clear that the world was divided the elite lives in comfort in a huge tower, and everyone else is forced to survive at its foot. Will the hero change the situation or prefer to go unnoticed.You can get answers to these questions only after a thorough study of the world, which is what you will do.

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Fury Unleashed v1.0.4 (upd.23.05.2020) - CODEX

Fury Unleashed Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Fury Unleashed (The Badass Hero) is very cool, fast. A dynamic 2D platformer action game in which you have to go as an old hero into the comic book universe. In the story, you are a famous hero whose time is long gone. You have been forgotten, and even your previous heroic deeds have sunk into oblivion. But the time has come to regain former glory, because Chaos reigns in the world and it will stop only when you reiterate yourself. Here is such a simple and at the same time unusual plot idea waiting for you after the start of the game.

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Dawn of Man v1.5.1 (upd.18.05.2020) - PLAZA

Dawn of Man Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Dawn of Man is a strategy game where you go to a large historical world to fight for your own life. The adventure spans more than ten thousand years of history related to human development. Here your main task will be to establish and then develop the settlement. You will control the settlement of the first modern people, leading them through the centuries and trying to fully develop. I went to explore the world, to get as much useful resources as possible, and also to find a suitable place for the construction of the city. The environment will often become your enemy, but in many cases it will help you to achieve your goal. Turn to the hunt to get food for your settlement.

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Circle Empires Rivals v2.0.14 (upd.18.05.2020) - PLAZA

Circle Empires Rivals Game Free Download Torrent
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Circle Empires Rivals is a continuation of the Circle Empires strategy. As in the previous part, players need to fight enemies, take their resources and increase their power. And this time it can be done not only alone, but online with friends. Created specifically for multiplayer games. Rivals allows you to play fast online matches on randomly generated maps representing round areas to be won in the struggle for resources.

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Grand Guilds v1.1.0 - CODEX

Grand Guilds Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Grand Guilds — is a tactical story game that is distinguished from others by unique combat mechanics. Together with your allies you must go to the land of Irin, which for many years has been in a state of fierce war. You have to defeat the enemies and help the Irin government achieve peace. Each character in your team has a unique set of skills and abilities, all have their own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a strategy for the upcoming battle, you must consider these features in order to make the most profitable and winning combination.

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