Boobs Saga - PLAZA

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Boobs Saga — is a game project that contains content for people over eighteen years old. Here you have to imagine yourself in the role of a beautiful girl with no less beautiful forms. She will become the main character of a fascinating, but at the same time quite dangerous story. Your main enemy will be the king of the female breast, who will constantly hunt you. You will become his real goal and object of desire. Here you have to face a considerable number of traps and all kinds of obstacles to get out of this unfortunate place. On the way to the goal, you will have to fight with many supporters of the enemy force, acting as soulless and ruthless monsters, which are not so easy to defeat.

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Strategic Mind Blitzkrieg - HOODLUM

Strategic Mind Blitzkrieg Game Free Download Torrent

Strategic Mind Blitzkrieg — a strategy created in a step-by-step format, the main action of which takes place during the Second World War. The user will have to take control of all the forces of Germany and subjugate the entire territory of Europe. To do this, you will have to control not only air and ground forces, but also sailors, defeating enemies in any battle. Most of the fights in the game will take place on the mainland of Europe and even in North Africa. It is necessary to set up your own troops, come up with a strategy for them and properly dispose of the resources received in order to defeat the enemies.

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The Trud v1.0 - HOODLUM

The Trud Game Free Download Torrent

The Trud a new exciting game, with elements of horror, which tells the fascinating story of a cute girl named Amanda, who only a few months ago moved with her parents to California. It is not strange, but joining a new one-year team, becoming a challenge and making new friends is difficult. As planned by the developers, in the yard, the events of the game take place in 1989. This PC game, in turn, is a puzzle game in which it is constantly necessary to solve them. The main character will live a lot of unpleasant moments from which it is necessary to find a way out.

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BE-A Walker v1616 (upd.22.05.2020)

BE-A Walker Game Free Download Torrent
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Despite the fact that the future of mankind may not be so bright, the only chance of salvation is usually the colonization of other planets. BE-A Walker — is an exciting adventure that tells how people intended to conquer the planet and colonize it. This could not be done right away, since the atmosphere of the planet was terribly poisonous, and the local tribe was extremely aggressive. Therefore, you have to take the only opportunity to sit at the helm of control of a huge combat robot. Despite the fact that the natives have no modern technology, they are ready to fight for their home by any means.

This game has been updated 22-05-2020, 17:26 to the latest version v1616 (upd.22.05.2020).

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Wild Russia upd.22.05.2020 - PLAZA

Wild Russia Game Free Download Torrent
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Wild Russia — is an atmospheric action game with an open world. The game, as the name suggests, takes place in Russia, in a provincial area. Wild Russia belongs to the adventure horror with a depressing atmosphere. The main character is an agent named Red, who finds himself in a mysterious place with anomalies. His main goal is to find a way out and stay alive. Explore the environment, solve puzzles, interact with the outside world, run away from monsters and survive. Wild Russia is an adventure and horror game developed by Andreev for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to the style of post-apocalypse, action, adventure, casual, horror, post-apocalypse, atmosphere, steam achievements.

This game has been updated 22-05-2020, 11:55 to the latest version upd.22.05.2020.

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Hot Lava v1.0.404154 - CODEX

Hot Lava Game Free Download Torrent
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Present to you an amazing and interesting novelty of the virtual world of entertainment — the game Hot Lava. In this development, you should never step on the surface, since the flow of red-hot lava will easily blow you. You have to constantly monitor the level of health of your character. We can say that health is the main element of this game. It will be extremely difficult to overcome the corridors, so you have to master new skills, as soon as in this way, you can successfully overcome all obstacles.

This game has been updated 22-05-2020, 17:36 to the latest version v1.0.404154.

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Train Valley 2 Update 31 - PLAZA

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Train Valley 2 — the second part of the railway economic strategy Train Valley. Here you also have to build an effective network of railways, update the fleet of locomotives and ensure that trains run on schedule without delay, meeting the ever-growing demand of cities and industry. The game Train Valley 2 — will give colorful locations, the opportunity to personally fantasize about the route your wagons will travel. There is nothing super complicated in the game. Your task is to use a computer mouse, with the help of hints on the map, to create modern railway tracks. Recall, the more of them, the better for the development and prosperity of your business. Routes on the game map will help quickly and comfortably deliver people and cargo to their destination.

This game has been updated 22-05-2020, 17:14 to the latest version Update 31.

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Gene Rain v1.0 - CODEX

Gene Rain Game Free Download Torrent

Gene Rain — is a 3rd-person shooter whose story tells of a war that claimed the lives of millions of people. She ravaged the world and the survivors can only survive if their heart is replaced by a mechanical one. One of the factions, Eagle Eye, is hostile to humans, while owning most of the resources. The main character will fight for freedom, killing enemies in this futuristic universe. Gene Rain is an action, shooter, and rpg game developed by the Deeli network for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of science fiction, action, adventure game, indie, science fiction, robots, third-person shooter, single-player shooter, controller, war.

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BOSSGARD v1.0 (upd.22.05.2020) - PLAZA

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Want to play for the big bad guy, Cool to be the boss. The truth is extremely difficult in the game universe of heroes. The fate of the bosses to die from cool characters, but what if you succeed in becoming the boss who nakostylaet pompous heroes. In the new game BOSSGARD everyone will be able to try himself as a big and extremely ridiculous boss. Your task is to defeat all the heroes who want to get the next dose of glory at your death. BOSSGARD is a multiplayer game. There is a local mode game in which one player plays for the boss, and the other up to 5 players for the heroes. The main task in this game is to survive.

This game has been updated 22-05-2020, 02:58 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.22.05.2020).

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Wargroove v2.1.4 (upd.22.05.2020)

Wargroove Game Free Download Torrent
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Wargroove is a cooperative RPG with turn-based battles with up to 4 players. Choose a hero and try to regain control of the Cherristtown kingdom. Here is a great turn-based tactical retro game with a good storyline, filled with cinematic inserts. the young queen Mercia, under the onslaught of the enemy, was forced to abandon her kingdom and flee to other lands in order to find allies there. Wargroove will not let you get bored, choose one of 12 heroes, each has his own skills and is aware of his motivation. In addition, you can choose one of the factions: the Kingdom of Cerristone, the Empire of Heavenly Song, the Legion of Falheim or the Florana Tribes.

This game has been updated 22-05-2020, 03:36 to the latest version v2.1.4 (upd.22.05.2020).

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