Towaga Among Shadows v2 (upd.04.06.2020)

Towaga Among Shadows Game Free Download Torrent
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Towaga Among Shadows — is a dynamic adventure with elements of the action genre, where you will go to the expanses of an interesting, but at the same time dangerous dangerous two-dimensional world. Take on the role of a brave hero who sets foot on the path of resistance and tries to get rid of everyone who has taken the side of evil. Destroy the dark forces and find the light within yourself. The main character possesses not only power and courage, but also knows how to control the light, which will become the main weapon in the fight against hordes of rivals. Evil creatures will constantly appear on the way, trying to do everything to stop you.

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City Patrol Police v1.0.1 (upd.04.06.2020) - SKIDROW

City Patrol Police Game Free Download Torrent

In the game City Patrol Police you have to find out what it’s like to be part of a police squad. Will you be able to squeeze the maximum performance of their cars. Can you prevent the terrorist threat in your city. Will you be able to establish competent cooperation with your colleagues and informants. Can you cope with criminal syndicates and guarantee the safety of city residents? Open all types of vehicles and use them wisely in the fight against crime. You are waiting for a simple patrol cars, SUVs, limousines and even powerful racing cars! As you progress through the game, you will also discover new race tracks, where you can always hone your driving skills. Meet with informants, watch out for suspects, pursue and catch criminals, and complete missions for a while, maneuvering in heavy traffic! Use headlights, police siren and a charge of nitro to gain an advantage on the road.

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Pro Cycling Manager 2020 v1.0 - SKIDROW

Pro Cycling Manager 2020 Game Free Download Torrent

Pro Cycling Manager 2020 — while all sporting events have been canceled in the real world, players will have the opportunity to take part in the Tour de France in early summer. Virtual cyclists will be able to feel the same as real athletes, as in the new part a realistic first-person view will appear. According to publisher Nacon, the official Tour de France game will also be released on PC for the first time, but a little later. Players are waiting for a new realistic first-person perspective, thanks to which the gameplay will feel differently. From this point of view, ascents, descents along steep slopes and dramatic sprints will become even more exciting.

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Fallen Hearts v1.0 - PLAZA

Fallen Hearts Game Free Download Torrent

Fallen Hearts — if you like the themes of the Middle Ages, we suggest you pay attention to the opportunity to go on an exciting adventure, where you have to become a king and try to bring your kingdom to unprecedented prosperity. We suggest that you try to adapt to new conditions and try to achieve a favorable result. After all, you have to not only give out tactical instructions, but also try to personally participate in activities. We suggest you not to lose time and immediately go on this fascinating adventure.

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The Art of Driving upd.04.06.2020

The Art of Driving Game Free Download Torrent
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The Art of Driving — is a pretty interesting arcade racing game based on physics and low-poly graphics. Here you will find crazy races, steep tracks, a lot of extreme sports and fun. There is no specific plot at the moment in this game, but it is not really needed here, because the developer created this project primarily as a tribute to the classics. Plus, this is essentially a pen test of the author. All that is here is a set of track maps, a variety of cars, and excellent physics. And of course, good, albeit low-poly, graphics.

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Rising Lords v0.5 - SKIDROW

Rising Lords Game Free Download Torrent

Rising Lords — turn-based strategy in the medieval setting, where under your control will be a squad of brave fighters who will participate in exciting tactical battles with elements of a card game. Fans of Battle Brothers will probably be interested to know that the game called Rising Lords took place: a very similar turn-based strategy in the atmosphere of medieval Europe. The developers promise tactical battles with an element of card, board games, multiplayer with up to four people, as well as a unique visual style that copies frescoes and engravings of the early European Middle Ages.

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Jupiter Hell v0.9.1 (upd.04.06.2020)

Jupiter Hell Game Free Download Torrent
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Chaos Forge studio is not very famous because of its youth, but the guys deserve respect for their hard work and creativity. Their new project called Jupiter Hell. This is an adventure game with elements of survival, although many critics call the project «turn-based Doom», as the main plot unfolds in a remote space colony, where you have to fight various creatures and devilish creatures.

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Sea of Thieves upd.04.06.2020

Sea of Thieves Game Free Download Torrent
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Sea of Thieves — all of us though approximately, but we know, that the life of the pirate represents. Robbery and seizure of foreign ships, the eternal sea on the horizon, swearing, girls in taverns and, of course, rum, where without it. In many games we have all seen it somehow, but unlike the rest, Sea of Thieves gives a unique experience in the field of teamwork. And it’s not just about digging up the treasure together, but also about real actions in the team. Someone will take on the role of captain, and the rest will perform the work of the sailors lower and raise the anchor, change the direction of the sail and ring the bell at the approach of someone else’s ship.

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The Guild 3 v0.9.8.1

The Guild 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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The actions of the game The Guild 3 unfold in the Late Middle Ages. It was at this time that a good trader could make a fortune and even get to power. You will begin as a novice trader and try to put together your fortune. Use various tricks, because it is not enough to know where to get cheaper and sell at a higher price, it is important to use various tricks and tricks, arrange intrigues in politics — in general, do everything to get the maximum profit. It is worth noting that the game is still at a very early stage of development and, in fact, is «empty». But as the updates, the authors will fill it, adding a lot of interesting moments.

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Domina v1.2.67 (upd.04.06.2020) - SKIDROW

Domina Game Free Download Torrent

Domina is not just an arena, but a real simulator of gladiator fights, in which you will not be a gladiator, but the head of one of the noble families, a slave owner who earns money on gladiator fights. The most interesting feature of this game is that for the time being you yourself will not be able to take part in the battles. Your task is different: you have to buy slaves, evaluate their capabilities, train everything you need and send them to the gladiatorial arena, where they will have to, either fall from the hands of the enemy, or win.

This game has been updated 4-06-2020, 11:28 to the latest version v1.2.67 (upd.04.06.2020).

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