Inops v1.0 - SiMPLEX

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Inops — a platformer puzzle game for PC in which you have to explore various locations, avoid traps and solve puzzles. Take advantage of the Inlopes ability to split into many tiny creatures or combine them into one huge Inlops. Get to the finish line of each level, trying to save as many Inlops as possible. Another exclusive in the genre of puzzle platformer: studio ZRZStudio, which previously released games for mobile systems, all decided to use all the accumulated experience and aim for more. Inops offers gamers a classic mix of jumps and puzzles, as well as hints of a laconic but intriguing story. In addition, from time to time, players will have to control several components of the protagonist at once.

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Evans Remains v1.0 (upd.12.06.2020)

Evans Remains Game Free Download Torrent
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Evans Remains — is a platformer combined with a visual novel. One day, the heroine of the game Dysis receives a letter from the missing genius Evan with a request to find him. The girl goes on a journey filled with dangers, obstacles and puzzles. Along the way, she learns about the disappearance of Evan and her role in history. You will not find battles and enemies. You can skip any puzzle if you wish. Pixel platformer with elements of a visual short story in which players must find a missing boy long ago named Evan. Players need to explore the game world, solve puzzles and find out where he sent a letter asking for help from and why he asked a girl named Disis for help.

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Foundation v1.6.5 (upd.12.06.2020)

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Foundation is a game project presented to us in the style of a simulator. Ole you will take responsibility for the construction of multifunctional and prosperous cities. The complexity of the gameplay lies in the fact that you will develop your activities during the Middle Ages, where there are no technologies yet, and developed industry. A plus to you will surely be enough developing a construction system that will allow you to create everything that you just think of. Every building that you want to build, an airplane to adapt to any surface, this is what gives you the advantage to build your city in any place you like.

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Horde Of Plenty v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Horde Of Plenty — funny and addictive game for pc, which has a simple plot and not complicated gameplay. Your main task is to kill all the enemies on the way to finding Puffy, a favorite pet that was previously stolen by evil forces. Many colorful locations, the game is made in the style of scrolling levels, when the player moves, the level gradually begins to shift and thereby pushing the player to go forward, and not to stand still. The developers made sure to implement as many as fourteen different levels and five game modes, with the ability to change the difficulty. Remember only one thing: the weaker the difficulty a player sets, the less points he will receive.

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No Man's Sky v2.51 + DLC - CODEX

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Do you want something incredible? Something massive? Then the game No Man’s Sky needs to download torrent. This is a science fiction project, the developer was the British studio Hello Games, most famous for its series of Joe Danger about a fun stunt. But No Man’s Sky is something completely different, or higher. Yes, it is. In this case, both literally and figuratively. The game world is procedurally-generated. At the same time, the world is not a separate country, a planet, or even a system. It’s a whole universe! Each celestial body is unique and unrepeatable. Each planet has its own ecosystem. The forms of life are striking. How do you, for example, with a high-rise house.

This game has been updated 12-06-2020, 17:20 to the latest version v2.51 + DLC.

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XIII Classic v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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XIII Classic — a remake of the first-person shooter of 2003 with the same name, in which you again have to play the role of a soldier who has lost his memory, Thirteenth. You are accused of killing the US president, and now you need to do everything possible to find out the truth about your past over 34 levels. An almost classic first-person shooter. Favorably distinguishes it from their counterparts that the developers inserted some kind of comic elements into the plot and graphics, such as sounds emanating from blows.

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Deep Rock Galactic v1.31.41183.0 (upd.12.06.2020) - CODEX

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Deep Rock Galactic — the guys from the independent studio Ghost Ship Games decided to combine a space sci-fi setting with Scandinavian mythology, and it turned out an action with a first-person view of Deep Rock Galactic. By the way, this action provides for both single player and multiplayer, designed for 2-4 gamers. The characters are armed with the technology of the future gnomes who work for a mining company and travel the universe in search of valuable resources. Dwarves descend deep, deep underground, where not only gold awaits them, but also various dangers, including local creatures. However, no one is afraid of the four dwarves, because they have more than enough of any fashionable weapons, gadgets and other useful stray. A variety of character classes and procedurally generated environments make the gameplay even more fun.

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Void Destroyer 2 v20200611 - PLAZA

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Void Destroyer 2 — the second part of the popular space sandbox, where you will have even more freedom in action. Embark on an exciting adventure where you will conquer outer space on your aircraft in the form of an intergalactic ship. Here you will be able to choose the path of action for yourself, choosing suitable missions and fighting a huge number of enemies. You can also choose the type of activity for yourself to become a thoughtful trader or an insidious pirate — the choice is yours.

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Overpass Build 14571 (Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

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The game Overpass download torrent which can be on our website will send the protagonist to pump his skills and enjoy another adventure. You have a great time. To do this, you have to conquer the slopes, rocky turns and pits of mud. Gamers have to show their skills in the game and quickly manipulate the movement. To drive through the desert, you will have all-wheel drive buggies that can easily punish such routes.

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HyperParasite v1.0.1 - PLAZA

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HyperParasite — is a fascinating dynamic shooter with a top view, in which you will play the role of a super-powerful alien viral parasite. And you will have in this game only two tasks to survive and kill as many members of the human race as possible. So, finally, another world war ended and people began to recover from the consequences. It would seem that life should be adjusted. There was a new enemy in the face of the most powerful powerful virus that has learned to move into people and devour their souls, controlling their bodies and creating madness. What will people do? And how do you determine who has the virus, and who does not? Let people search for the answers to these questions. You don’t care about it, you play the role of this virus.

This game has been updated 12-06-2020, 12:18 to the latest version v1.0.1.

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