Seven Doors v1.0 (upd.27.06.2020) - PLAZA

Seven Doors Game Free Download Torrent

Seven Doors — an adventure puzzle in which you have to go to the mysterious world to find the necessary items. Events send the player to the vastness of a large card game, where he must be ready to face unpredictable situations, dangers and dark secrets. There are lots of locations and each one stores in itself what you need so much. Separately, it is worth noting the exciting atmosphere, which was recreated for the light of graphic design and complementary sound. You will find seven doors, seven large-scale, rather complex, but at the same time interesting tests, where it will be as difficult as possible to get to the last location without the proper level of skills.

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Huuma Mina The Secret of Immortality upd.27.06.2020 - DARKSiDERS

Huuma Mina The Secret of Immortality Game Free Download Torrent

Huuma Mina The Secret of Immortality — is a game developed in the action genre that is designed for an audience over eighteen years old. You have to plunge into a gloomy and rather dangerous world, embarking on an important mission. The storyline tells us about a ninja girl named Huma Mina, who has silver hair and silver eyes, power and fearlessness. Throughout her life, she has been fighting for her own freedom and finally found a place for solitude. Huma’s happiness did not last very long, because an ominous and crazy scientist began to hunt for her with the goal of perpetuating.

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LOVE A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories upd.27.06.2020 (demo)

LOVE A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories Game Free Download Torrent
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LOVE A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories — is an incredibly moving and cunningly thought out story puzzle, where the whole building turns into a giant box of puzzles, distorting the time when you bring together the stories of the people who live there. This is a beautiful adventure game, the action of which takes place in a large residential building. The whole building is divided in half by a line one side shows the past, and the other the present.

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Gray Zone v1.3 (upd.27.06.2020)

Gray Zone Game Free Download Torrent
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Gray Zone — is a strategic game project with an admixture of a dynamic shooter and an entertaining bagel, where all actions will take place with a third-person perspective. First you need to get acquainted with the main character as an ordinary person, whose fate was not the best, because he was a slave for his entire conscious life. Quite a lot of time passed, he gained strength and patience in an instant to stop slavery.

This game has been updated 27-06-2020, 14:32 to the latest version v1.3 (upd.27.06.2020).

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Heat v27.06.2020 (Update 19) - TiNYiSO

Heat Game Free Download Torrent
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Heat — this is a unique project game whose purpose is to demonstrate and simulate life of the times of the Wild West. The game is not fixated on any particular layer of the population or people. The user is given the opportunity to begin his journey as both the president and the head of the Indian tribe. The game will not let you get bored, and all your desires and aspirations will be awarded. The pace of the Wild West is high and merciless, so no need to waste time. It will be possible to equip your own settlement alone and with friends in the «online» game mode. First of all, you have to distribute responsibilities among the players.

This game has been updated 27-06-2020, 13:23 to the latest version v27.06.2020 (Update 19).

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Cloudbuilt upd.27.06.2020 - PLAZA

Cloudbuilt Game Free Download Torrent
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Cloudbuilt — is an indie platformer made entirely in three-dimensional space, containing parkour elements and a third-person shooter. The main character Demi woke up in the middle of a ruined world, and her body has a translucent physical shell. Soon, she discovers the real self, lying in a hospital bed at a local hospital. She undergoes a rehabilitation course, where copies of patients are created to adjust the psychological state. A digital copy of the heroine flies through hundreds of levitating platforms, drawers, walls and buildings. At first, she only had the ability to run on walls and push away from platforms, but later she had access to weapons and, most importantly, a jetpack. Using the jetpack you can accelerate, fly over some sections of the map, make double jumps and get to hidden places.

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Anno 1602 History Edition v1.4509.940870 - Razor1911

Anno 1602 History Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Anno 1602 History Edition — strategy, colonization, diplomacy, production, trade, war — these are the opportunities that Anno 1602 History Edition, a real-time strategy game. The game, classified as a progressive strategy, uses a different approach to the genre, combining classic solutions with building a colony, diplomacy, trade, as well as land and sea battles. The year 1602, the future is uncertain, cities are overpopulated, poverty and hunger. A group of adventurers decided to look for a New World and a better life.

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shapezio v1.1.18 (upd.27.06.2020)

shapezio Game Free Download Torrent
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shapezio — is a construction simulator where you will create various kinds of factories that will help automate and combine shapes. You will have tasks to perform, the main purpose of which is the extraction of certain figures. The further you go, the more difficult it will be to find the desired item. Pay attention to development, improve your skills, thereby opening up access to new and new levels. The more you know, the more opportunities you can acquire. Try to unlock as many improvements as possible, which will speed up the work of factories. Demand is growing at a rapid pace, so take care to scale your holdings, thereby meeting your needs. It is worth remembering the amount of resources that must be properly managed in order not to decline in its activities.

This game has been updated 27-06-2020, 14:28 to the latest version v1.1.18 (upd.27.06.2020).

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Anno 1503 History Collection v1.4520.940918 - Razor1911

Anno 1503 History Collection Game Free Download Torrent
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In Anno 1503 History Collection, a city planning simulator with management elements, you take control of a squad of colonialists who stumble upon a group of uncharted islands. Having found a suitable site, the development of the terrain begins. It is necessary to properly allocate all resources, monitor the welfare of its inhabitants, and fight back from external threats striving to seize your monastery.

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Verdant Village v0.2.8 (upd.27.06.2020)

Verdant Village Game Free Download Torrent
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Verdant Village — while life in this world is constantly boiling. Well, you can do a lot of different things here. For example, you can just go fishing. Moreover, it will not be monotonous, because, firstly, the fishing process itself is quite interesting in Verdant Village, and secondly, more than a hundred species of fish will be waiting for you in the reservoir. In the same way, you can do a lot of other things here. For example, you will be able to breed cow livestock. sheep, hens, or even devote a lot of time to exploring the local world.

This game has been updated 27-06-2020, 14:24 to the latest version v0.2.8 (upd.27.06.2020).

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