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Adam Lost Memories — for those who miss horror games, for those who want to feel the chill of their skin in a dark room, this game for pc will allow you to immerse yourself in a very interesting life story of the developer. A developer named Adam Dubi decided not to make a standard horror game, but to realize his own fears and personal life story in a virtual world. In practice, the player will be played for Adam himself, and everyone will be able to feel what the developer himself felt in his time. Without a doubt, the fact that this game may be one of the best this year can be noted. The story unfolds around the lost memories of Adam, from the depths of childhood itself. Most likely, in childhood, Adama faced a mockery of himself, and already being a grown man, his feelings do not give rest, which is why this game will be able to prove itself from the best side.

This game has been updated 13-07-2020, 17:27 to the latest version v2.0.3.

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    The Withering — is a third-person survival, open-world zombie game. You have to find enough supplies and weapons to survive. You have the choice of being a hermit or helping other players, setting up camps and resisting the mutant attack together. Adventure action with survival in the world of zombie apocalypse, in order to survive in which you need to build a fortified camp, help other survivors fight off mutants and looters, as well as explore new technologies and enter into alliances with neighbors.

    This game has been updated 13-07-2020, 16:49 to the latest version v2.1.3.7.

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    At your disposal in the Singularity Tactics Arena will be several fighters and four main classes, divided into two subclasses. Each class is unique in its own way and offers a set of unique skills, abilities and abilities. Moreover, how you will deal with enemies, what weapons you will use, and how you will act in general, depend on the class. The gameplay here is not too complicated, but at the same time it offers not just battles with different opponents, but battles in which even the smallest and weakest enemies can prevail. You will have to carefully approach the battle process, be on the lookout all the time, calculate every move of your hero and opponents, and do much.

    This game has been updated 13-07-2020, 16:43 to the latest version v1.02.

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    Unfortunate Spacemen, an action game in which astronauts must escape from a monster disguised as one of them. At the same time, one cannot and cannot be called an asymmetric shooter. On the one hand, one player has the task of stopping everyone else from completing a series of rescue tasks. On the other hand, this pest looks exactly like other players. According to the developers, the traitor is a man captured by an alien monster, although, of course, there would be more drama if the Judas were one of his own, without the weaving of strangers.
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    DriftZ a very idle time and also a fascinating game about drifting for pc, where you will sit behind the wheel of a car and try to crush as many zombies as possible. The zombie theme is already overwritten to holes, but you can spend one evening in this game without any problems. At the disposal of the player, as many as eight cars will be presented, which are prepared for severe trials during the zombie period. Drift is the only salvation from the bloodthirsty zombies who will try to attack in a crowd, try to disperse the car as much as possible and enter drift.
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