On The Verge II v1.5 (upd.29.07.2020) - HOODLUM

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On The Verge II — is a custom game that was developed and released on the second try. The developer was a young guy who, in his school years, decided to create a game of his own production, the first part of this project turned out with low graphics and flaws. Now, the situation has improved a lot and you can enjoy the story of the main character. He is a young Russian guy who ran into a maniac, or a ghost, you need to figure this out. The game is very varied. It has Jigsaw-style puzzles, shooter elements and a bit of a horror game.

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Dual Gear v0.084 (upd.29.07.2020)

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Front Mission gained immense popularity in its time and showed that even simple turn-based battles can contain a strong storyline. interesting gameplay and does not bother the player even after replaying. But, this game series quickly collapsed, and no one else tried to repeat the success of this direction, however, not until today. A small independent company called Orbital Speed has announced Dual Gear, which will continue the amazing adventure of mechanical robots with turn-based combat modes. Naturally, we are waiting for a new universe, new robots, new characters and much more. But the fact of the appearance of such a game project cannot but rejoice, since this game direction is beginning to draw attention to itself.

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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic v0.8.2.16

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic Game Free Download Torrent
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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic is the economic strategy of 2019 of the 3Division studio, whose task is to create a fictitious state that is part of the USSR. For this purpose, a wide range of buildings and other structures were provided, which allow not only to create an efficient industry, but also to satisfy the needs of residents. In the game Workers & Resources Soviet Republic, the gamer assumes the role of a manager, and his task is to develop the city. An important feature of the game is its freedom. The game does not set specific goals, the direction in which the state will develop, is left to the discretion of the player.

This game has been updated 29-07-2020, 05:00 to the latest version v0.8.2.16.

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Toilet Management Simulator - PLAZA

Toilet Management Simulator Game Free Download Torrent

Simulators are a unique genre and offer more options than you might imagine — Toilet Management Simulator. For example, today we invite you to pay attention to the opportunity to become a full-fledged businessman, who will have to make a lot of efforts to achieve a favorable development of his business. You can get rich well, get a lot of experience and enjoy every moment of the game. But do not waste the opportunity to even build personal relationships. After all, every self-respecting businessman should be with a lady.

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Ageless Build 5318247 (upd.29.07.2020)

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Ageless — is an exciting adventure that takes you to the vastness of a fairy-tale world, equipped with unique and very interesting locations. You must be ready to face various unpredictable events, mysteries and riddles, which are not so easy to solve as it might seem at first glance. Sometimes you will encounter real danger, and in such a situation you need to act as quickly as possible, but at the same time deliberately.

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Gordian Quest Build 93h (upd.29.07.2020)

Gordian Quest Game Free Download Torrent
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Gordian Quest is a roguelike adventure in which you will have to assemble a squad of powerful heroes, go on a journey through the world crumbling before our eyes, and try to defeat Evil. The once prosperous world began to crumble literally before our eyes, Evil began to absorb it from the inside. Robbers, bandits, representatives of different races and all kinds of villains began to destroy the world, and now it needs heroes. Well, you have to collect a detachment of those same heroes and go on a journey, during which your main task will be to destroy the root of Evil. Think manage, then go ahead. But remember, this adventure promises to be very, very challenging.

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The Sims 4 v1.65.70.1020

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The long-awaited The SIMS 4 finally came out, and you can download them to your computer. There is no linearity or some plot in the game. You get a whole world in which you are free to do whatever you want. Make all your dreams in the best simulator of the life of The SIMS 4. Sims games are also famous for their unique capabilities in terms of construction, and the fourth part will please even more realistic and detailed graphics. Now building the house of your dreams and furnishing it with furniture, you will get previously unprecedented realism.

This game has been updated 29-07-2020, 05:04 to the latest version v1.65.70.1020.

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Before We Leave v1.0074 (upd.29.07.2020)

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If you like urban simulations, then we suggest you definitely use the opportunity Before We Leave. In this new entertainment, you will have the opportunity to embark on an exciting adventure in the open spaces that promise to be not only exciting, but also quite fruitful. You will take on the role of the emperor, who must equip the planet and create all the necessary conditions for the normal existence of the population. We suggest you not to waste much time and just start acting, many tasks and goals await you. The main feature of this adventure is that you can fully use all the necessary functions and try to develop. There is no enmity, war or invasion. You just have to consider the appropriate use of resources and try to expand the boundaries of your possessions. Great things await you, so try to live up to all expectations and succeed.

This game has been updated 29-07-2020, 03:35 to the latest version v1.0074 (upd.29.07.2020).

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Kerbal Space Program v1.10.1 + DLC - PLAZA

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Perhaps today the interest of gamers to the topic of space is greater than ever. And many would like something unconventional. You are welcome! The company Squad has created the Kerbal Space Program. As the last word says, this is not just a game. We fall into the system of Kerbal. On it there are seven planets with their companions. Only Kirbin is habitable. As expected, the locals are green, yet they differ in cylindrical heads. And cook these heads as necessary! Humanoids built their own cosmodrome. Here you can conduct all sorts of experiments to create rockets, shuttles and absolutely amazing ships.

This game has been updated 29-07-2020, 03:31 to the latest version v1.10.1 + DLC.

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DESOLATE v1.3.2 (upd.29.07.2020) - PLAZA

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Desolate — cooperative horror, where you have to survive in the open world. The game takes place in an alternative version of the USSR 80-ies, when the island of Granic was in the epicenter of a mysterious disaster. The government is trying to hide all the information about this incident because of all its forces and to eliminate all its consequences. To do this, they send volunteers to the island to investigate anomalies, collect information and carry out various assignments for a government association called «New World». The player will assume the role of one of these volunteers. Alone or with partners, you will go explore the abandoned bases and the world, which is filled with terrible monsters and insane survivors.

This game has been updated 29-07-2020, 03:26 to the latest version v1.3.2 (upd.29.07.2020).

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