HIVE Game Free Download Torrent

HIVE — is a cool first-person shooter with a touch of horror in which you have to save the planet and humanity from a horde of monsters created by a certain Hive. Monsters, bosses, a bunch of weapons, endless shootings and battles await you. The events of the game take place in an apocalyptic atmosphere, in a world that was somehow suddenly taken over by the Hive, an intellect that infects everything around and turns people into terrible creepy monsters. Now the world has changed, monsters and monsters are everywhere, cities are on fire. Well, you are one of those few sane people who are still conscious and resist the Hive. Fight against his creatures, defend your right to life, crush enemies and survive as long as you have weapons and ammo.

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Solar Purge v0.2.1 (upd.01.08.2020)

Solar Purge Game Free Download Torrent
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Solar Purge — quite by accident you found yourself in a parallel dimension, where newcomers are not at all friendly, but, on the contrary, try to survive in every possible way from their territory. But you should not be afraid of anyone, because you are «armed to the teeth» and know how to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy. Yes, of course, a huge number of serious tests await you ahead of you, from which you need to get out not only with honor, but also alive. Remember, at the scientific military base, where, in fact, the protagonist was thrown out, no one can be trusted, since all employees are under wiretapping and can inform the boss about a strange guest.

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Max and the Book of Chaos - SiMPLEX

Max and the Book of Chaos Game Free Download Torrent

Max and the Book of Chaos — is a 2D arcade shooter set in a mysterious old castle that has become a summer school. Somewhere out there is a legendary old book saturated with the power of dark matter, opening portals between dimensions and time. It has been hidden for millennia, and now someone has revealed its power. The portals are open and our world is invaded by hordes of strange, hilarious and chaotic enemies. The only hope for saving the world is Max Racun, and you have to help him in this. And also, in Max and the Book of Chaos, by killing numerous enemies, monsters and demons, you can earn coins, which in turn can be spent on a variety of items, buying equipment, and much more. In addition, you can also pump a bunch of abilities that will help you in battles. In general, hit the road and start crushing enemies.

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Lost Wing - DARKSiDERS

Lost Wing Game Free Download Torrent

Lost Wing — is an arcade neon racing game in which players rush through the levels, destroying opponents and trying to survive until they reach the finish line. Blast through challenging levels at blistering speed and defeat bosses to top the leaderboard. The game features electronic music, many ships and a large arsenal of weapons. Also, at each level, various items are scattered that can help you to complete the level, but there are those that will prevent you from doing this. If you love space, then we suggest that you do not waste much time and just go into an exciting action game that will allow you to feel the whole adventure without any problems.

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100 Percent Orange Juice v2.9.8 + All DLC - PLAZA

100 Percent Orange Juice Game Free Download Torrent
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100 Percent Orange Juice — is a board game with characters from other Orange Juice games for example, Suguri, from acceleration SUGURI, Sora and QP, from QP Shooting Dangerous, for example. Each of the 4 players plays in turn, rolling a die to determine how many squares they move around the board. Depending on the area, they land, they can gain stars, lose stars, teleport at random, fight enemies or acquire cards from the central deck more on this later. To win the game, the player must land on the home square having a certain number of stars or a certain number of battles of her choice. There are about 16 different boards, each of which has certain events that affect all players every few revolutions.

This game has been updated 1-08-2020, 12:13 to the latest version v2.9.8 + All DLC.

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Rock of Ages 3 Make and Break v1.0.4 - CODEX

Rock of Ages 3 Make and Break Game Free Download Torrent
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Rock of Ages 3 Make and Break — is the perfect way to spend your free time and take a break from everyday worries. If you are used to diving headlong into the world of virtual reality, you will definitely like this project. This competitive novelty combines elements of arcade-type action and tower defense. All this is successfully seasoned with sparkling humor. You already know what happened in the past parts of the famous Rock of Ages series. You need to manage a large boulder. He rolls stubbornly towards the gates of the castles of real enemies.

This game has been updated 1-08-2020, 12:10 to the latest version v1.0.4.

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Bartlow's Dread Machine Build 5326405 (upd.01.08.2020)

Bartlow's Dread Machine Game Free Download Torrent
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Bartlow’s Dread Machine — is an arcade shooter where you will find several game worlds, many nightmarish monsters and real historical figures. The plot of the game revolves around the abduction of Teddy Roosevelt himself. The criminals have left almost no traces, and now you have to conduct a thorough investigation and find the commander in chief. Solve puzzles and start chasing the kidnappers across continents and seas using all types of transport. Will have to constantly fight for your life and shoot back from enemies using a whole arsenal of futuristic weapons. You will fight with a wide variety of monsters that seem to have come straight from the world.

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Merchant of the Skies v1.6.6 (upd.01.08.2020)

Merchant of the Skies Game Free Download Torrent
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Merchant of the Skies offers you a journey through the air. Become the captain of a flying ship, take on a lot of various duties and worries. However, this is an incredibly exciting activity. Especially when you consider how many adventures await bold balloonists. This is an experimental game that incorporates the features of different genres. There will be a curious gaming experience. Explore, build a base, deal with economic issues.

This game has been updated 1-08-2020, 03:33 to the latest version v1.6.6 (upd.01.08.2020).

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