Mushroom Challenge Build 5586700 (upd.30.09.2020)

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Mushroom Challenge — is a game about a young mushroom picker, over whom you take control. The gameplay offers to wander through the forest and collect various mushrooms. In total, there are several types of items to collect. Some of them are edible and healthy, but there are also hallucinations in the main character. The task of passing is quite simple. You enjoy the surrounding views, listen to birdsong and travel through the beautifully designed forest. Of the things you have only a basket, into which you put the mushrooms you have found. The adventure will begin near the protagonist’s car, where the utility will be assigned if the basket is full. Mushrooms have no names, you collect familiar mushrooms, or all, but with a chance that you will collect poisoned ones.

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Projection First Light v2.0.1.0 (upd.30.09.2020)

Projection First Light Game Free Download Torrent
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Projection First Light — is an adventure game with a unique style and dynamic process. You are immersed in a two-dimensional world where there is a shadow theater, in which all the characters are shown in the form of puppets. The storyline will introduce us to the main character a little girl named Greta. She sets off on a long and dangerous journey around the world, visiting many countries and finding clues to numerous mysteries. Events send the player into the past, namely the nineteenth century, during which the main actions will take place.

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Neon Abyss v1.3.1.11 (upd.30.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Neon Abyss is a game filled with some kind of madness, which is a good representative of the action genre with role-playing elements. Here you have to go to dangerous dungeons that are able to constantly change and develop. Also, the game is distinguished by its mechanics, where you will have complete freedom of action. You will make raids to cleanse the underground kingdom from the adherents of evil. These raids can greatly change the dungeons, so watch your choice and the adoption of one or another decision. All cards in the game have the feature to be randomly generated, which makes your pastime more exciting.

This game has been updated 30-09-2020, 12:56 to the latest version v1.3.1.11 (upd.30.09.2020).

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FIFA 21 upd.30.09.2020 (Ultimate Edition)

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FIFA 21 — is the next installment in a series of soccer simulators developed by EA Sports that dates back to 1993. Once again, the game offers entertainment for both the single player and multiplayer fans. As every year, there are real players and teams in the game, whom we can lead to victory in subsequent matches. FIFA 21, like previous installments in the series, allows players to play matches and tournaments featuring licensed national teams and soccer teams from leagues around the world. While the fundamentals of the game have not changed, the game does offer some novelties, mainly in the areas of artificial intelligence and career mode.

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GTA V / Grand Theft Auto 5 v2060.1 (1.52) - Goldberg

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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) is a multi-platform video game in the Action genre and an open world developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is the fifteenth game Grand Theft Auto 5. The debut trailer was released on November 2, 2011, and the announcement of the game itself was held the next day, November 3. The release of the game was originally planned for the spring of 2013, but was postponed to September 17, 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. At the E3 2014 the game was announced for consoles of the eighth generation (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and personal computers on which the output of the game will be held on November 18, 2014 and April 14, 2015, respectively. In Russia and the CIS Grand Theft Auto V is published by 1C-SoftKlab. Developers from Rockstar Games said that at the time of the release of Grand Theft Auto V is their biggest and most ambitious project with the largest open world they created.

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Crusader Kings 3 v1.1.1 (upd.30.09.2020) - HOODLUM

Crusader Kings 3 Game Free Download Torrent

A cool release Crusader Kings 3 from the beloved Paradox Development Studio will impress fans of colorful medieval strategies. You can create a real kingdom, improving and expanding possessions, entering into marriages, conducting diplomatic negotiations and, of course, leading an army to protect the integrity of the borders. Increase the level of prestige and reputation solely thanks to your talents and skills. The developers worked with inspiration on a map on which territories from India to Spain appeared, as well as from the CAR about Scandinavia.

This game has been updated 30-09-2020, 11:57 to the latest version v1.1.1 (upd.30.09.2020).

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Astral Towers Build 5613236 (upd.30.09.2020)

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Astral Towers — is a card, logic and strategy game developed by Apus Software for the PC platform. An entertaining turn-based card game with several game modes. You have a choice of five sets of cards related to the five magical elements, respectively. This is a turn based card strategy game in the fantasy style. The game allows players to fight in duels, in order to win in which they can summon magical creatures and buildings, as well as use spells. In Duels, cards of 5 magic elements are used: Fire, Ice, Nature, Death and Craft. The environment in the game belongs to the fantasy style, and the features are strategy, indie, card game, puzzle, fantasy, board game, hand-drawn graphics, for one player.

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Gray Zone v1.4.0 (upd.30.09.2020)

Gray Zone Game Free Download Torrent
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Gray Zone — is a strategic game project with an admixture of a dynamic shooter and an entertaining bagel, where all actions will take place with a third-person perspective. First you need to get acquainted with the main character as an ordinary person, whose fate was not the best, because he was a slave for his entire conscious life. Quite a lot of time passed, he gained strength and patience in an instant to stop slavery.

This game has been updated 30-09-2020, 16:35 to the latest version v1.4.0 (upd.30.09.2020).

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Knock on the Coffin Lid v0.2.16 (upd.30.09.2020)

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Knock on the Coffin Lid — rain is knocking on the coffin lid, the wagon bounces on the bumps of a village road, a gloomy charioteer spurs horses to catch it before dark before the ghouls go hunting, and looks displeasedly at the edge of the visible forest, hearing a wolf howl. An unremarkable wooden coffin, like the three others before it, remains in a cold crypt and a gray-haired middle-aged man in a dark mantle passes a bag of coins into the driver’s hand, which the latter hides grumbling in his bosom and, with his free hand, makes a protection gesture from the evil eye and rushes to the wagon in a hurry to leave home.

This game has been updated 30-09-2020, 13:03 to the latest version v0.2.16 (upd.30.09.2020).

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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord e1.5.2 (upd.30.09.2020)

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Game Free Download Torrent
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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord — a sequel to the role-playing game, a sequel in which new enemies await you, a huge number of new games in taverns, improved graphics, and new adventures. The events of the game take place on the territory of the Calradian Empire, which for several years has continued to crumble. And with the death of the emperor, everything changed at all the empire was divided into fractions, bandits with mercenaries and nomads began to fight for power, and the world literally began to burst at the seams.

This game has been updated 4-10-2020, 12:54 to the latest version e1.5.2 (upd.30.09.2020).

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